Meet Charles Barkley Daughter Christiana Barkley. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Christiana Barkley is the child of the retired NBA basketball player Charles Barkley and his wife, Maureen Barkley. Her mother is a former model and an honorable member of the “Fresh Start Women’s Foundation”.

It seems that staying out of the spotlight is very important for the Berkley women. It is rare for their private life to be out in the open. Hence, it remains to be known what exactly Christiana Barkley is up to and how much she has revealed to the public eye when it comes to her private affairs.

Christiana Barkley Parents

She was Born in 1989 which was actually the same year Charles Barkley and Maureen Blumhardt married. Christiana Barkley is the love child to this couple that is considered to be the happiest one among NBA players.

Despite the usual scandals that usually follow NBA players and all the challenges life generally poses to marriages, Charles and Maureen Barkley have managed to overcome all these and give their daughter the best.

At the time they met, Maureen Blumhardt was working as a legal aide in Buck County. Online sources mention that the marriage was looked down upon since it was a mixed-race marriage. Of course, in this day and age, it is perfectly normal and accepted by many.

However, some do frown upon it and this just goes to show the obstacles they both had to overcome. Today, they live in Scottsdale, Arizona and they have been living there since the 1990’s. The couple and Christiana seem very happy as a family.

Christiana Barkley Social Media Presence

Christiana Barkley is not really a fan of social media. She barely has any social media accounts and even if she does, they are all set to private and can only be viewed by certain people. She is not a fan of the spotlight and dislikes publicity even though her parents are always in the limelight.

Nevertheless, we do know a bit about her educational background. Recently, Christiana was studying journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She is now pursuing a career in journalism after completing her studies.

Christiana Barkley Famous From Birth?

It is not easy growing up in the shadow of famous parents. Charles Barkley is still very active even after his NBA career which would usually make it harder for Christiana to find her own path. However, she has done just that and seems to be very focused on the path she has chosen for herself.

This does not mean that Christiana is not proud of her dad or dislikes the fact that he is famous. After his fruitful career as a basketball player in the NBA, Barkley took on the career of an analyst for the NBA. Charles Barkley is also a writer and his involvement in politics is known. It is no surprise that Charles Barkley’s daughter took on a similar path but is still making it on her own.

Christiana Barkley Legacy Of Breaking Stereotypes

Charles Barkley has been present in the media for a very long time. From his basketball career, his work as an NBA analyst and the most recent one- being the narrator of TNT’s new two-night docuseries, ‘American Race’, he has always been a popular face. The latter role has nudged him to become even more aware of the problems faced by minorities in the American society and how he can shed proper light on them.

He commented about this to Sports Illustrated saying he can sympathize with the stereotypes made about America’s minority groups when they are assigned to play TV roles as a black person, a Muslim person, Hispanic person.

It seems that Christiana Barkley has been influenced by both her mother and her father’s work since an early age and the public is eager to read and judge the work she will be doing as a journalist. Bearing in mind, her education and background.

Racial issues and minority stereotypes are, despite social media and globalization, on the rise and can be discussed in writing. Hopefully, Christiana will be the one to do this.

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