Meet Jon Cryer Wife Lisa Joyner Know Her Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity And Nationality

She is a long-time writer, mainly based in Los Angeles. With her charisma, she entered the media world, making her a celebrity of others. She also hosted several of the popular channels’ hot programs. This has earned her prompt foreign attentionIt’s an article about her, how about you feeling confident while you move on to know more about this beautiful woman. Scroll on to the end to find out who she’s married to, have any kids yet, and plenty of other important information. Take a peek at Jon Cryer ‘s wife Lisa Joyner’s Net worth, age and race.

Lisa Joyner Is Married To Husband Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer ‘s wife Lisa Joyner is. The couple tied the knot on June 16th, 2007. They ‘re a happy couple who’s only, one child. On 11 August 2009, their daughter Daisy was born.
This girl was adopted shortly after her birth by Lisa and Jon. Lisa is David Cryer’s father in law and Gretchen Cryer. Jon Cryer and Lisa’s marriage was first announced on Cryer’s ‘Tonight Show with Jay and Leno’.

Lisa Joyner Is Not the First Wife To Jon

Okay, in the case you haven’t learned that yet Jon Cryer’s first wife is not Lisa Joyner. Jon was initially married to one Sarah Trigger. John and Sarah were married in 1999, and their union ended in divorce in 2004. Jon and Sarah only had one child at the time of their divorce. Jon married Lisa three years after separating from Sarah Trigger.

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Lisa Joyner Career Details

Lisa is a world-renowned television figure. She was a television anchor for KTTV in Los Angeles on celebrity reporting. Her road to popularity started when she presented the parts ‘infanity’ on TV Guide network.

This lady fell in love with the media industry and her rise to popularity was irresistible. She went on to date Jon Cryer. The pair adopted a daughter two years after their union and called her Daisy.

Lisa Joyner Family Details

Joyner is a child adopted. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons she wanted to raise up a daughter who was adopted. She started searching for her birth family at the age of 30 and that ended up successful. She performed two family-finding shows on various networks. First, she performed ‘Find My Family’ on ABC channel that broadcasts. It is a reality-based US edition series aiming to help adoptees reunite with their biological families. She later co-hosted on TLC’s Long Lost Family. In this series, Chris Jacobs was her co-host.

Lisa Joyner Bio: Age, Nationality, Ethnicity

Lisa Joyner was born in 1966, on the last day. She’s celebrating her 31st December birthday. She was raised in California, in San Diego. Lisa is 51 years old at the time this article was written. As mentioned earlier, she is a popular television personality whose current residence in Los Angeles, California, USA. She lives with her husband and their adopted child, Daisy. Lisa Joyner is white.

She is 51 years old when she published this post and will be clocking 53 this year on 31 December. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Lisa Marie Joyner was named after her. She is Jon Cryer ‘s wife.

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