Meet Rich Froning And Wife Hillary Froning. Know Their Kids And Net Worth

Rich Froning is a popular athlete and the former firefighter from Cookeville, Tennessee. In 2009 started his career and first used Cross Fit. In2010 everyone remember his as a dramatic finish CrossFit Games and placed second. But he shows to all the world that he is born as a athlete who is burned winning and in 2011, Rich took first place in the CrossFit Games, get the title “Fittest Man on Earth”.

Later in 2012 Rich became the first man in the history to win the Games twice and strengthing his place as the top CrossFit athlete in the world. From2015 documentary we knowabout his life history.
“Froning: The Fittest Man in History”.

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Rich Froning And Hillary Froning Adopting A Kid

Rich Froning, his wife Hillary and lovely daughter Lakelyn currently lives in Cookeville, Putnam County, USA. But recently Hillary Froning has announced via Instagram that she and her husband adopted a boy.
This adoption is second for this couple. Rich and Hillary adopted their first children, LakelynIn 2015. It was two days before 2014 game began on Rich’s 27th birthday, when the couple made an announcement about comingLakelyn’s their family as a new member.

Rich Froning Bio: Age, Family, Early Life

Richard Lyle Froning III “Trice” and he was born April 25 as the new member of the Froning family. This was challenging and difficult way for them because Rich and Hillary had a few problems before this adoption, but God rewarded them after a lot of tears, heartbreak and waiting. This way took seven long months. ButFroning’s family becoming bigger and bigger so he has four family members.

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Hillary said he wants a big family and hope this is not the last adoption.

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