Meet Street Outlaws Kye Kelly Ex-Wife Alisa Mote. Why Did They Divorce?

The Americas reality television series known as the Street Outlaws is made up of several well-known casts. Kye Kelly is one of the lead actors in the show which is broadcasted in Discovery Channel. The show has been dramatically received in the United States of America and as a result, produced more and more episode since its inception some few years ago. The show is basically about some car fanatics who have taken into the art of racing in some unfriendly environment amid the many challenges in the race. Let’s find out about Street Outlaws’ Kye Kelly’s Wife Alisa Mote, married life, divorce and girlfriend LizzyMussi.

Kye Kelly has established himself to be one of the greatest racers ever in the television history. The great racer has been making debut in the racings shows which include Street Outlaws New Orleans Full Throttle and the Street Outlaws New Orleans.
He has been one of the greatest racers in the shows and has been mostly known for driving the New Murder Nova, a simulated car that has been said to be a beast by Kelly in the show. He has raced against the big names in the show including the mighty big chief among other notable casts.

Street Outlaws Cast Kye Kelly Married And Divorced From Ex-Wife Alisa Mote

The street Outlaws television star Kelly was once married. The racer was married to Alisa Mote. The duo got married some years back after dating for quite time. According to Kelly, the pair met some years ago in their youth when both were working for an oil company.

They fell in love and dated for sometime before walking the aisle. The two had a child together. However, Street Outlaw’s Kye Kelly and his wife Alisa Mote’s marriage did not last long as they separated sometime later. It is not clear as to really what catapulted the separation of the duo lovebirds who had known each other for a long time before getting married.

After parting with his first wife Alisa Mote, the Street Outlaws star Kye Kelly has moved forward. According to many social media speculation, Kelly is currently dating. He is dating LizzyMusi.

Little information is known about Kelly’s new girlfriend. The two have been appearing cozy together and have made several appearances on social media. Although the data has not yet been confirmed by either Kelly or the mysterious new catch LizzyMusi, definitely, there is more than what meets the eye in the relationship of the duo, and they are undoubtedly in love.

Kye Kelly Career Details

Talking about Kye Kelly’s career there is nothing to talk about other than the show Street Outlaws. He gained all his fame from this show than other casts of the show Street Outlaws includes Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Farmtruck and more.

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