Meet Tyson Beckford Wife Bernice Julien. Know Facts About Her

People got to know Bernice Julien when the news of her getting married to American model and actor, Tyson Beckford got some popularity. But what more do we know about her? We’ll attempt to answer that question. Luckily for you, this article will reveal seven facts about her that remain unknown to many people.

Bernice Julien Is English

Didn’t know this? Well, now, you do. According to very reliable sources, Bernice was born and raised in the UK.

Bernice Julien Is A Business Lady

As much as the details regarding her education and early life remain very scanty, trusted sources reveal that Bernice is an entrepreneur. Despite having been born in the UK soil and raised there, she is a successful American entrepreneur now.

Bernice Julien Is Tyson’s Ex-Wife

I like to call her Tyson’s ‘significant other’ because no source can confidently assert whether the two are married or not. Bernice has been spotted hanging out with Tyson several times. Their photos together are all over the internet. Some sources indicate that the two are already married while others remain sceptical.

No exact dates regarding the wedding are in the public domain. According to some trusted sources, the two might have tied the knot in a private affair that was witnessed by close friends and family only. The wedding took place in Grenada in the Caribbean.

Bernice Julien Has No Kids Yet

As there are no significant issues to report about Bernice and Tyson, it is evident that she is yet to become a mom. However, it is worth noting that no scandals or fights have characterized their relationship, as such, we can assume that everything is working well for the two, and we certainly wish them the best.

There was a time when Bernice Julien and Tyson had an Affair.

As we stated earlier, it’s not confirmed whether Bernice and Tyson are married. What makes it even more uncertain is the fact that none of them has come out in the limelight to clear the allegations. But, Bernice and Tyson had an affair which according to reports, which ended in 2009.

Bernice Julien Ex-Husband Tyson Beckford Has A Child With His Ex-Girlfriend

Tyson Beckford’s rumored wife Bernice does not seem to have a child of her own yet, however, her husband Tyson does have a son with his ex-girlfriend.

The child’s name is Jordan, and he is the living proof of the relationship between Tyson and April Roomet. Tyson shares moments of him with his son, which are beautiful. He is a good father.

Tyson, Her Ex-Husband Has Been In Several Relationships

As much as there is no solid proof whether Bernice Julien and Tyson are still an item, it is known that Tyson has been involved in many relationship affairs.

First, it was his baby momma April Roomet; then he had a relationship with Shanina Shaik in 2008. Tyson and Shanina met in an Australian reality show. Later Tyson hooked up with Bernice Julien, a relationship that has been kept off the limelight.

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