Meet Whitney Scott Mathers Biological Father Eric Hartter. What Is His Net Worth?

Whitney Scott Mathers is renowned as the daughter of Kimberly Anne Scott and the rapper, Eminem. The rapper adopted Whitney, but her biological father is called Eric Hartter. Keep reading to learn more about Eric Harter.

Eric Hartter Career Details

Eric Hartter is a professional tattoo artist, which has helped him work across the US, making money. However, for years he was accused of being a drug lord, and allegedly his dealings with a drug cartel financed his life. Unfortunately, the allegations were confirmed when the legal department stormed his house and found drugs, which led to his arrest.

Eric Hartter Dating History And Marriage Details

Hartter and Kim dated for one year before they got Whitney in 2002. However, Eric didn’t have the chance to see his daughter because of legal issues. He couldn’t even go to the hospital after her birth. He was on the run after being put in a criminal list, and thus the police were looking for him.

Shortly after that, Kim started seeing her ex-husband, Eminem, as they were married before from 1999 to 2001. Eminent adopted Whitney, and they remarried in 2006, but the marriage was annulled three months later.

Rumors have it that Kim used to deny Eric the chance to have a phone conversation with his daughter. Besides, Hartter was allegedly barred by authorities from seeing Whitney.
Eric is still under investigations, but according to a warrant officer in charge of his case, he is being charged with drug trafficking, resisting arrest, providing false identification, and operating when intoxicated.

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Eric Hartter Family Details

Eric Hartter doesn’t have a wiki page, but some sources have given relevant information about him. His father’s name is unidentified, but his mother is called Marie Hartter. Marie sued Eminem for preventing her from seeing her granddaughter in 2005. Evidently, Hartter’s family have a rough relationship with Eminem.

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