Meet Wicked Tuna Jason Muenzner. Know His Bio, Age, Net Worth

So Let’s find out about Jason Muenzner AKA Jay Muenzner’s Net worth, Wife and married life in Wiki type Biography. Jason Muenzner also known as Jay Muenzner is a cast member of the National Geographic channel reality television series, Wicked Tuna.

He is the first mate on the fishing vessel, Hard Merchandise together with Captain David Marciano. The show focuses on the adventures of fishermen as they battle each other in teams to see who can catch the most Tuna fish. The fishing vessel cruises on the North Atlantic Ocean in search of the majestic giant bluefin tuna fish.

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Is Jason Muenzner Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend?

Jay lives a private life and hasn’t disclosed any information about his dating life. Moreover, it is very hard to determine whether he is married or not due to the little information that is documented about him.
Jay Muenzner spends most of his time overseas on the Hard Merchandise fishing with Captain Marciano and Wilson. When he’s not fishing, he’s on some sort of board – either a skateboard or snowboard. Fishing really takes up much of his time ever since his uncle introduced him to the activity.

Hard Merchandise Jason Muenzner Net Worth And Salary

Over the past years, Jay has made several appearances on the show. Ever since the show premiered over 6 years ago with several special episodes in addition to the weekly episodes, it’s arguably one of the channels successful franchises. It generated five full seasons with the sixth renewed and premiered on March 12th, 2017.

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His success began with his debut on the series. Being a regular on the show, Jay has accumulated much wealth from his fishing expeditions. He earns a salary of $4,000 from each episode on the show.

According to a reliable source, Jay Muenzner Net Worth is currently valued at $100,000 as most of this is generated from his earnings from fishing and the show.

Jay Muenzner Bio: Age, Early Life

The all-time fisherman was born on July 18th, 1988 in Salem Massachusetts. He grew up and attended the Salem High School where he graduated back in 2006.

However, he did not attend any college for reasons unknown. He now stars as the first mate next to
The 30-year-old got introduced to fishing while very young. He reveals that his uncle Dave showed him a thing or two about fishing to which he is very grateful as that entails most of his livelihood.

In an interview, he remembers about his first time fishing with him,

” I don’t remember if we caught any fish but I remember having a good time with my uncle and the most memorable time was when I caught my biggest fish out with Dave and my cousin Joe.”

He adds,

” We were off on our own, battling dogfish all day but we could see that there was big fish around too so we just kept at it and hoped we could make the right connection. The dogs would not give us a break but all of a sudden, the rod bends and we hooked a monster. The fish empties the reel at least 10 times. With a fish that big all you can do is wait till he gets tired, and 4 hours later we got a harpoon shot and Dave hits him good.”

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Fishing has been his passion for all his life, and the rush he gets from it is exhilarating. There is nothing else Jay from Wicked Tuna would rather do than carrying on the tricks of the trade.

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