Michelle Duggar Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Married

Recognized around the world as the controversial mother of 19 children, Michelle Duggar is the TV reality star that broke out on our screens. Michelle Duggar first appeared on TV in a documentary which later evolved into a TLC reality TV show, following the lives of Michelle Duggar, her husband, Tom Duggar and their 19 children. She is a licensed real estate agent and a conservative Christian. Michelle is a grandmother to many as their Duggar empire keeps expanding.

Michelle Duggar Biography, Age, Early Life, Education

Michelle Duggar born Michelle Annette Ruark to Garrett Ruark and Ethel Ruark on September 3. 1966 and is the last child of seven children. She grew up in Arkansas in a conservative Christian home attending Westwood Elementary School, in her hometown Springdale in Arkansas. Going on to further her education, Michelle attended Springdale High School, graduating in 1984. It is reported during this time, Michelle was a cheerleader and who struggled with self-identity and bulimia.

Michelle Duggar Dating History And Marriage Details

Although she was raised in a conservative Christian home, Michelle Duggar did not completely surrender to Jesus and give her life to Christ until high school, which was when she met Jim Duggar.

She and Jim Duggar officially met when Michelle applied for a job at a local shop, which was then managed by Jim’s mother. After being hired to work at the shop, Jim Duggar asked Michelle out on a date shortly after. Her positive reply to him, began the start of a relationship that led to so many children and grandchildren.

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Michelle got married to Jim Duggar in 1984 in Rogers, Arkansas. Michelle was only 17 years old at the time and was on birth control pills. In a few years later, Michelle Juggar had her first child, James in March, 1988 and although Michelle went back onto taking birth control pills, she conceived again. However, she lost the baby.

This was the moment, Michelle and Jim decided that birth control wasn’t the right way to go, due to the loss of their second child. They decided to leave the decision to God, and trust God in regards to their fertility journey.

Not long after, in 1990, Michelle had the twins Jana Marie and John-David. The continuous cycle went on till they had sixteen children afterwards. In 2011, Michelle became pregnant again with their twentieth child.

However, during a routine ultrasound, the Doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat. This led to Michelle Duggar giving birth to a stillborn. Despite that, the couple still named child Jubilee Shalom and held a funeral, days after.

Michelle after Jubilee Shalom, did not have any other child but her home keeps expanding with her children grownup and married. Her first grandchild by Anna Keller, her first son Josh’s wife, came on September 26, 2008.

Michelle Juggar is in permanent custody of her great-nephew Tyler, who she adopted as her child. She currently has 18 grandchildren with two babies due in November 2020 and the other due February 2021.

Michelle Duggar Career Details

Michelle Duggar is recognized as a TV reality star. She made her debut on Discover Health one hose special documentary which focused on her deliveries. TLC later adopted the show and from 17 kids and counting, it expanded until the final name 19 Kids and Counting before the show finally got cancelled in 2018 because of a controversy surrounding one of Michelle’s son, Josh Duggar.

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Michelle Juggar is a licensed real estate agent together with her husband, Jim Bob Duggar. The pair have owned a car business, and a towing business prior to this real estate business. Michelle Duggar never went to college.

Michelle Duggar Net Worth

It is estimated that both Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob Duggar are collectively worth 3.5 million dollars.

Michelle Duggar Parents

Michelle Duggar’s parents are Arkansas natives Garrett Ruark and Ethel Ruark.

Michelle Duggar Kids

The nineteen kids of Michelle Duggar include Joshua James Duggar, Jana Marie, John-David, Jill Michelle, Jessa Lauren, Jinger Nicole, Joseph Garrett, Josiah Matthew, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah Robert, Jason Michael, James Andrew, Justin Samuel, Jackson Levi, Johannah Faith, Jennifer Danielle, Jordyn-Grace and Josie Brooklyn.

Michelle Duggar Body Measurements

Michelle Duggar’s body measurements are not public knowledge.

Michelle Duggar Cars And House

Michelle Juggar lives with her husband and children in Arkansas.

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