Mick Dodge Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mick Dodge is one of the renowned personalities of the National Geographic Channel. He is the main leader of the show “The Legend of Mick Dodge”. The show is based on his life in the rainforest. He is an inhabitant of the rainforest and has been living there for more than 25 years.

There are lots of fans of Mick Dodge mainly due to his uniqueness and expertise. The show is very popular and successful therefore, the number of audiences is rapidly increasing. The credit for the success of the show goes to only Mick Dodge because the show is based on his life. He is a nature lover, hence he is strongly and deeply connect to nature. He is continuously working to connect more people with nature and to improve the condition of the environment and natural habitats.

Mick Dodge Net Worth And Career Details

The net worth of this rain forest dweller was likely to be high. Conversely, he says that he does not have any savings or checking account. His statement about his net worth is true because he is not materialistic hence keep himself very far from the modern world. He donates most of his money to EarthGym, an organization working for the conservation of nature, and also spreads awareness among people related to nature and the environment.

Mick Dodge’s net worth is about $250,000. It is also understood that he invest a greater portion of his wealth in the EarthGym organization. Only he himself can give authentic facts regarding his net worth and he has already said in an interview that he donates all of his money to the organization. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate his actual net worth.

Why Does Mick Dodge Live In The Forest?

Mick Dodge has not answered such questions. During an interview he said that he used to have deformed feet that hurt a lot on walking. Apart from this, he had some other issues in his body like constant heart pain and back pain. Because of these health issues, he feels much difficulty in living a healthy and happy life. He, therefore, used to feel a homely feeling while living in the rainforest of HOH. Only because of it he had decided to live in rainforests living the life of a shoeless nomad.

When he began to live in the forest as a barefoot nomad, his health conditions started improving. He noticed feeling better, also his back pain began to subside. In addition to it, his feet deformity also disappeared. Hence living in the rainforest proved to be blissful as his overall health improved. He also said that he just followed his feet. He used the word “Feet” for his “conscience”.

Mick Dodge Difficulties While Living In The Forest

Living in the rainforest is not an easy job as there are many risks associated with it. Mick Dodge has said that living with Nature is a great experience but one has to be active and remain alert all the time. If one does not secure himself, the Earth will eat him. So, he has established a strong relationships with the rainforest. He also has understood each and everything regarding the jungle. He experienced many difficulties throughout his normal trekking journeys in the woodland.

The very first trouble is food and nutrients. The accessibility of food is limited for one who does not have a deep awareness of the forest and its surroundings. Mick has sound knowledge of various edibles he could consume in the jungle. He also used to eat dead animals killed by humans and predators hence he became a scavenger. In an interview, he himself said he is an omnivore and consumes almost each and every foodstuff found in the wilderness.

The second big difficulty is related to health care. The rain forest is full of medicinal plants and herbs but need to be searched by the person who needs them. Since Mick is entirely cut off from the modern world, he therefore also away from the medicines and drugs of the modern world. He searches for medicinal plants, herbs, and mushrooms at the times when he got ill. Also, he has found several natural methods for himself. One way among them is drinking more water and bathing. He stated in an interview that each time he suffers from flu and cold he soaks himself in the glacial water and drinks that water time too. Such methods and techniques of healing assist him to live in the forest actively.

Another prominent threat in nomad life is human interaction. Mick has specified in an interview that once a person was moving briskly along the path and collide with a deer and Mick. Mick got injured and the deer perhaps died. For that reason, he declares that the utmost precarious animal he encounters in the wilderness is no other but human.

Rumours About Mick Dodge

People have been spreading many rumors and gossips about Mick Dodge and his television show. The first rumor about Mick Dodge is that he remained barefoot all the time. Thereby he is titled the barefoot nomad. Conversely, he has been wearing shoes in several episodes. Even in one episode, he wears Bigfoot boots to shock some people. However, the shoes Mick worn were prepared by his people at EarthGym. He loves to stay barefooted most of the time yet he wears shoes He wears shoes on occasions that he has no relation with the modern world rather he resides only in the woodlands. So, his organization has cleared this rumor as he often visits ta a lady’s house in that area.

The last rumor is associated with his appetite. Many people said that he does not eat anything of this modern world. This rumor spread widely, later he himself cleared this rumor, he said he frequently eats food obtained from nature, also he enjoys a lot while eating chocolate cookies.

Mick Dodge Bio: Parents, Early Life

Mick Dodge is an inhabitant of the Hoh Rainforest. His nickname is “The Barefoot Sensei”. He is a wanderer and far away from the modern world. He is associated with an organization known as EarthGym and also the main character of a reality show on National Geographic Channel called, “The Legend of Mick Dodge“. His father, Ronald L. Dodge, was a career Marine. Mick is graduated from high school in Okinawa, Japan and he has served six years in the Marine Corps.

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