Misfit Garage Cast Tom Smith Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Tom Smith is a well-known face of the reality TV show, Misfit Garage which airs on Discovery channel. Though his profession is of a master mechanic, but he is also known for his comedy, heckling and singing. So, what do you think his net worth salary can be! What about his married life? Keep reading to know more.

Tom Smith Career Details

Tom initially worked on television towers, specifically Tower 2 of World Trade Centre for few years. He is known for his invention and owning property rights for an emergency kill switch for towers. Also, he was the first to design a hoist with a fuel injected engine for lifting/lowering loads.

He was always fascinated with cars. He could reignite his passion while working on hot rod cars for an auto service organisation, “Driver’s Edge” in Texas for 4 years. Due to his experience with cars, soon in 2014, he got an opportunity to feature in a reality TV show, Misfit Garage, a spin-off of another hit TV show, Fast N Loud. This show has been on air for 5 seasons and Tom keeps appearing in it. He had worked for other TV shows too prior to this.

Tom can very well entertain people with his stand-up comedy. He has given some splendid performances at the Dallas Improv and at Christie’s in Manhattan, USA.

Misfit Garage Tom Smith Net Worth

Tom’s current net worth is approximately $500,000. His income from his earlier TV shows has also contributed to his current net worth. His annual income from the show, ‘Misfit Garage’ is under review and therefore unknown.

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Tom Smith Marriage Details

Tom Smith is single and not married to any wife after divorcing with ex-wife Deanna Whetsell.
Tom’s personal life is unexplored. He was married to a woman named Deanna Whetsell. Not much is known about his wedding or divorce/separation. Despite his separation from his wife, he took the full responsibility of his family and put Deanna though nursing school. He proved to be a great father by taking care of his children during the days, while working during the nights. However, he is currently unmarried.

Tom Smith Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Tom was born in Ohio, USA and later moved to Georgia with his family and spent most of his childhood there. At the age of 12, he moved in with his grandmother. He graduated from high school and eventually moved back to Ohio and worked at his own auto shop there.

He was a talented person since his childhood. He secured third place at the state spelling bee championship. He understood cars at the age of 10 while working at his Uncle’s house. He learnt to drive very early and had once received his first challan for violating traffic rules. Well, he was driving a 74’ Pontiac Grandville without a license.

Tom was heavily influenced by Carl Parsons who is famous for his mastery in mechanic work. He could give his best in working for car engines in the Ohio state races. He once stated in an interview that he enjoyed troubleshooting mechanical problems and finding a solution to it. He also mentioned that he didn’t quite like modern electronic problems of brake jobs and resetting the computer.

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Besides stand-up comedy, took keen interests in hunting, fishing, and shooting. He is an avid book reader too.

He takes pride in showing off his possession of autographed copies of Albert Einstein autobiography, Isaac Asimov’s work and nine million bacon recipes (including cinnamon bacon rolls).

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