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Gossips and rumors are part and parcel of every celebrity’s life and the news of Mitch Grassi seems to be the same. A lot of news is revolving around his relationship status with Scott Hoying. They have been the talk of the town for a long time and though the duo has proved numerous times that they are just best friends, the widespread news is still in the air. In addition to his relationship with Scott, some other news has also been revolving around the internet sphere. Here, we will talk about Mitch Grassi’s cancer too. There has been a lot of gossip about him having the life-threatening disease. Is it true or just another rumor? Stay with us to find out the truth.

Mitch Grassi Boyfriend And Dating History

The deception about Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying being boyfriends has been a topic of discussion at various forums but there are reports which clearly state that he is still unmarried and does not have any sort of intimate relationships with Scott Hoying or anybody else.

Although, this famous Cappella singer has posted a lot of photographs with Scott Hoying on several Social Media channels which give room to a lot of controversies still there has been nothing substantial to prove that these best friends have dated or married each other.

As per records, no evidence that states his any sort of relationship or getting married to anybody. Neither are there any records that clearly mention Mitch Grassi’s boyfriend or husband.

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However; his relationship with Scott h led to a lot of rumors that spread across the industry and have always been able to catch some attention which has gained them a lot of popularity. Mitch Grassi has never accepted that he has been in any relationship in the past or now but there are a few videos on YouTube where he openly admits that he is seeking a perfect partner.

Is Mitch Grassi Married To Husband Or Dating?

There are already a lot of gossips going around the lives of Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying but nothing extraordinary is available. They have a very great friendship right from school days and Mitch Grassi does neither have a boyfriend or a husband. But, as told earlier; he has expressed his interest in finding a perfect man for his life in some of the videos on YouTube where he also openly accepts his sexual orientation.

Read this space more to know more about the lives of celebrities and their fantasy world where they brush off gossips like any other trivial thing and keep on shining with grace.

Mitch Grassi Cancer Sickness

Mitch Grassi’s cancer has been in the news in the recent past which has made a lot of hullaballoo that is also supported by Social Media Posts. This proves that he is a victim of the dreadful disease. Also, a couple of posts where Scott has written that it was unfortunate that he wasn’t there beside his best friend when he needed him the most also points towards Mitch’s cancer. Cancer was diagnosed in him after he complained that he was sick for quite some days and was feeling uncomfortable despite taking some medicines.

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At its early stages, doctors were able to detect it and chemo therapies were in place, the Pentatonix singer will certainly fight his cancer off easily with the moral support of Scott Hoying and the group of Pentatonix. Some new rumors have also been heard that Mitch Grassi’s weight loss can be because of his cancer.


An American Pop Singer, Mitch Grassi (Michael Mitchell CobyGrassi), was born in Arlington, Texas on July 24th, 1992 and is known for his Cappella music. Mitch and his childhood friends, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin Olusola started a group called Pentatonix. He completed his schooling at Martin High School.

First place was secured by this group in a singing competition called Sing-off in 2011, for their Cappella music followed by grand prize money of $200,000 and a contract with Sony Music. The whole team of Pentatonix reached another level of fame with the help of this event. He was a winner at the Teen Talent Follies before being a musician at Pentatonix. A popular YouTube channel called Superfruit is also run by him and Scott where they engage their fans with some fun.

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