Monica Beets Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Father Tony Beets

Tony Beets is a very famous miner and a discovery reality tv star. He looks like he is a Viking because of his beard but he will create hell for those who will try to mess with his daughter. Here, you will be reading about Monica Beets.

Monica Beets Parents: Tony And Minnie Beets

Tony is an immigrant from Dutch and he came to Canada from the Netherlands and that is about 25 years ago. He met Minnie when she was six and he was seven and both were neighbors.

They became a couple when Minnie was 20 years old and they got married and that is when they departed to Canada, looking for more opportunities.

Both worked super hard and so much that they ended up making their tv show on discovery by the name of the “gold rush” and now they have four kids: Kevin, Mike, Bianca, and Monica.

Monica Beets Career Details

As compared to her age and as compared to all the other stars on the tv, she is single and she has made much net worth in a small time. She is fond of mining, showing her tattoos, and traveling and this is how the season spices up and maybe, in the coming season, she can find herself a man.

Tony is a very tough and famous man, he is a great father and a great husband as well and he has amazing ways of finding gold. Tony worked hard for getting his net worth to a good level and his being married made him more focused on his work and his family also supports him in doing the work.

All of them know how to operate heavy machinery and even the Facebook bio of Monica said that she loves to work with equipment and she likes to be the boss. She said that when she used to tell people that she is in the show, people used to say that you must be the cook, and then she told them that she runs equipment.

This was posted on the gold rush on November 3rd, 2017: ”unless something breaks, then I am not the boss and it is not my fault, lol, I am kidding”. You can say that it will be hard for any person to impress Monica because that person has to impress his father as well who is not very much happy to see her daughter getting married only out of love.

It is said that the father-daughter duo is so great that people say like father like daughter and that is why she named became “gold rush princess” and people called her princess for short. And some of the posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pointed that she might be bossy and might have some attitude because she always gives orders to those who are twice her age.

Monica Beets Bio: Age, Early Life

She was born on November 7th, 1993 in Yukon, Canada and she says that ever since she has known about the family business, she loves everything about it and she tries to learn anything new to her.

She is okay with dirt and oil and that is why at the age of 12, her father used to leave here around the equipment and see what she does.

She became a pro when the dad was gone and the princess took off with some equipment and did a job well-done by the time the dad was back and she started working full time with her dad at the age of 16 and the age of 18 she became the supervisor of Paradise Hill. The season might show that the family is resting in their Arizona house.

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