Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Isabel Marietta (Maria Victoria Henao) Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

The Colombian Drug Lord, King of Cocaine, narco-terrorist and the most notorious criminal of his time was none other than Pablo Emilio Escobar to the world. Though the name, Pablo Escobar brings fear to people, but was a loving and caring husband to his wife, Maria Isabel Marietta, also known as Victoria Eugenia Henao Vallejo.

Here are the 7 most interesting facts which remains untouched about her life:

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Maria Isabel Marietta Is From Colombia

Maria was born in 1961, to Carlos Henao Vallejo and his wife, Leonor Zuleta in Palmira Valle Del Cauca, Colombia. She has two siblings with the oldest brother named Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo and sister, Pastora Henao Bayen.

Maria Isabel Marietta Parents And Siblings

Maria was the sister of Carlos Mario, one of Pablo’s stooges. Maria was as young as 13 years when she got smitten by the drug baron, Pablo Escobar. Though the couple was crazy in love, but her family didn’t approve of this relationship as they thought Pablo lacked class and off course they had a huge age difference of 11years. Yet against all odds they eloped and got married in March 1976 when Mario and Pablo were of 15 and 26 years respectively.

Maria Isabel Marietta Family Details

Maria, cut off severed ties with her family to create her own family with Pablo. They welcomed their son Juan Pablo in 1977, and a daughter Manuela Escobar Henao in 1984. However, Juan later changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin and the reason is for real.

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Maria was his source of strength and remained by his side, even though he destroyed countless families and killed over 2000 people. Her love for Pablo made her so blind that despite knowing the fact about his infidelity she always remained loyal to him.

Maria Isabel Marietta Marriage Details

On December 2nd, 1993 the authorities intercepted his call and found him hiding in Medellin. They used trilateration to locate him and finally tracked Pablo Escobar. He was surrounded by the armed forces and fell a victim suffering multiple gun wounds.

There have been many theories which suggest that he may have committed suicide as a last resort, which led to the downfall of the cartel and leaving Maria a widow at the age of 31 after 17 years of marriage.

Was Maria Isabel Marietta A Refugee

The death of Pablo not only led to the downfall of the cartel but also endangered the lives of his wife and children. The enemies always seek opportunities for attack. With this fear the mother of two feared for her children’s life. Hence took refuge in Mozambique, Brazil, changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero and finally settled in Argentina where she raised her kids. Juan and Manuela too changed their names to Sebastian Marroquin and Juana Manuela Marroquin respectively.

Maria Isabel Marietta Real Name Isabel Santos Caballero

Maria Isabel Marietta now known as Isabel Santos Caballero managed of get a job in the foreign land even when maximum countries refused to give her refuge. She worked hard and became a successful real estate entrepreneur in a bid to provide for her family.

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Maria’s son never took his father’s chosen path and joined his mother in order to make his and his family’s life better. The 41 years old became a successful architect, designer, and lecturer. He sometimes gives motivational speeches at various places. Furthermore, he also a published his book, ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father’.

Maria Isabel Marietta Never Remarried

Her loyalty and love for Pablo was evergreen and it never faded away, as a result she never married again. She took in charge of her own life, devoted her time and life towards a fresh start to give a better life to her children.

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