Peter Stefanovic Bio, Age, Married, Wife Sylvia Jeffreys, Career, Net Worth

Peter Stefanovic is a news anchor on the Australian Nine Weekend Today Channel. However, if you’re not affluent with a journalist, then chances are you won’t see a lot of him any longer. This comes after the announcement that he’s quitting the Channel to spend more time with his wife, Sylvia Jeffreys. But let’s back up a bit. Here’s the chronological order of Peter’s profile in Wikipedia style, as well as a more in-depth glance at his net worth and age.

Peter Stefanovic Career Details

Peter Stefanovic has worked as a journalist for 16 years following his appearance on television in 2002. He got his first appearance on WIN Television as a reporter. The work description told him to switch the position between Rockhampton and Canberra.

However, two years later, he was asked to join the Nine Network culture as a writer. He has traveled around the globe for reports, interviews in countries like Los Angeles and London, as well as becoming an international correspondent for more than a decade.
The job he did across borders paid off as a top writer and interviewer for Nine News.

Peter’s network production was outstanding as he landed further roles on Weekend Today in 2016 as a co-host. Reporter Peter Stefanovic sat down for a bit and moved over to the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes Sunday version.

The year 2018 saw his return to his previous job at Weekend Today and also his resignation by the end of the year. Several reports claim he’s looking to move into new markets, whilst some suggest he’s in a bid to spend more time with his children. It is also expected to quit the network in early 2019.

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Peter Stefanovic Is Married To Wife Sylvia Jeffreys

To meet someone who is just as curious as you are in the same stuff is a gift in disguise. Peter met his friend, Sylvia Jeffreys, sometime in 2016, while working as a journalist. The pair had been dating for almost two years before making the news with their remembrance wedding in the aftermath with April 2017.

The service was widely lauded, with paparazzi sources each trying to get a piece of the story. This was because it was a wedding of celebrities with a high profile. Jeffreys is also a television presenter on her morning show capacity, Today.

Peter Stefanovic and his wife, Sylvia Jeffreys, went on a honeymoon to the Kokomo Private Island Resort in Fiji, where they spent some quality time together as newlyweds.

Speculation about her pregnancy emerged when fans realized her sense of dressing shift into more baggy clothes.

His wife Sylvia, though, denied these arguments and made it plain that the idea had crossed her mind from time to time. She ‘s looking forward to someday being a mom. So far, so nice for a couple as there have been no allegations or marriage-wrecking reports about their relationship.

Peter Stefanovic Net Worth

Because the author has an affluent social standing, all the years of pursuing reports have now paid off. He’s staying in a $2.7 million house in Melbourne, Australia, enjoying lavish holidays with his child. In fact, his honeymoon wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, we also have no idea as to the net worth of Peter Stefanovic.

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The biggest contribution to his success, if not already clear, is his career as a journalist. Many outlets do provide a major relative difference, including revenue from his career as an author. In 2016, Stefanovic wrote a book called Hack in a Black Jacket: Dispatches from an Australian foreign correspondent.

Some of the programs on which he appeared include Nine News, A Current Affair, Weekend Today, and 60 Minutes. We’ll be sure to update you on the new career opportunities and job opportunities that come their way next year.

Several media outlets say that Peter Stefanovic’s net worth is around $1 million, although it’s still unconfirmed.

Peter Stefanovic Bio: Age, Early Life

Several media sources report that Peter Stefanovic’s net worth is about $1 million, but it’s still unconfirmed


Peter was born in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, to an Australian mother named Jenny, and to Serbian-German father named Alex. He has the privilege of growing up with two sisters, Tom, and Karl and a sister named Elisa.
The television star Peter Stefanovic got his higher education at the University of Technology in Queensland and went on to fend for himself. His siblings either don’t do too poorly given that Karl is a co-host for Today too. Tom, on the other side, works as an early cameraman for Nine News.

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