R.J Molinere Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Married, Wife

R.J is known for his show the Gator Gold Rush, which happens in September, on History Channel. Being a Native American from the United Houma Nation, the reality star knows his ropes when it comes to hunting down alligators. If you watch the show, then this article is meant for you as it will catch you up on his net worth, salary, age, wife, wiki-bio, among other interesting facts.

R.J Molinere Net Worth And Salary Details

R.J Molinere’s net worth is around $500,000, with all of his prized possessions, including his ten boats. His primary source of finance comes from his role in the much-acclaimed role in Swamp People next to his son, Jay Paul Molinere.

While he traps, his son shoots the alligators for the taking. Other than that, the reality TV star also earns his dues by selling the prey he kills from his trapping career. These include fish, crabs, raccoons, alligators, frogs, and crawfish. He also has a website that sells merchandise and schedules events, should you choose to book him.

While the show has only hosted him for about nine seasons, the gator hunter has been in business for decades. Furthermore, he built up his net worth from his wrestling career while he was younger. Let’s take a closer look at that.

R.J Molinere Career Details

On many occasions, the reality star has mentioned that his son could never beat him in an arms wrestling match. On the same light, he also adds that he would never want to get inside a ring with him. That is because of two accounts. R.J was a wrestler back in the day, and his son is a professional boxer and undisputed MMA fighter.

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Throughout his career, R.J has won 11 National wrestling championships, and two ACAWC and GNC championships. He also won the World Championship tournament held in Canada in 2004. However, his career hit a minor setback after a car accident rendered physically unfit to wrestle. Nevertheless, he took is time and bounced back to join the U.S Arm Wrestling Federation in 2008 at Salt Lake City.

Fast-forwarding into the future, the executives of Swamp People had just wrapped up shooting their first season and wanted to expand with only one slot for a new cast. Molinere pitched in the idea of his son whom they loved and incorporated into the second season of the series, up to date.

R.J Molinere Is Married To Wife Stacey B Molinere

Now that you have heard a lot about his son, Jay Paul, the more significant question becomes, who is his mother? When he’s not hunting down prey and killing them, Molinere has a full-time job as the husband to his wife, Stacey B Molinere.

Not much information is available on her apart, besides the fact that she works as a Nurse Practitioner Specialist in Houma, Louisiana. She has almost two decades’ worth of experience since her graduation in 2001. Another fun fact about Stacey is that she’s the one who handles all the crazy fan emails sent to her boys.

Several sources indicate that Stacy is only a mother to one, Jay Paul. However, a tweet in March of 2012 by Jay contradicts the information, channeling up the possibility of his siblings – two sisters who also work as nurses.

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Why Was R.J Molinere Arrested?

Word of caution to anyone: You do not want to get in a fight with a World Champion Wrestler. The reality star battered the owner of a convenience store, Roland’s Mini Mart, followed by a physical brawl between the two in August 2015. To add salt to the already unfair fight, his son also aided him on the assault bashing the shop owner’s head with a bottle. They both got arrested but released on bond charges and later attended the court for a hearing.


The reality star is currently 57 years of age following his birth on September 21st, 1961. He got raised in the Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp in Louisiana, where he learned the basics about hunting from his mother.
She learned it from her parents, and she taught her son so that he will show it to his. The gator hunter also has a step-brother named Al, as seen through an episode on Swamp People. Other than that, everything else about him is scrapped from his wiki-bio.

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