Ralphie May Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Lahna Turner

Ralphie May is a famous stand up comedian from the US. You would never have thought that he is not a married man but a divorced man. Like many other famous TV personalities, they also want to cover their lives in a hidden archive. You need to know that not everyone can cover their lives and it is not even a posture. Now let us know about Ralphie’s life, how successful he was in his life, what he did in his life, how much his net worth and who his wife is.

Ralphie May Net Worth

Ralphie was born in America. He has earned a total of $ 5 million doing stand up comedy. This is their total property here. He works as a comedian artist in most commercials and TV shows. In the meantime, they tour all over America. He was born on February 17, 1972. They live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He then grew up living in Clarksville. He won the first competition of his life at the age of 17. He then chose comedy as his job to make his career. He went to Texas for this. Texas is known for its great performances by famous comedians who are a venue.

This is where his lifestyle started. You can estimate their net worth by looking at it. Ralphie had accumulated as he chose comedy as the path to his career. Rich people have always been leaving their influence on other people. People who are famous also have many fans. For this reason people are looking for cars in which they have a favorite celebrity or a famous person.

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Ralphie May Marriage And Divorce WithLahna Turner

Lahna wants her children to have full custody and take good care of her children. She wants to ask if she also has financial support. Ralphie and Lahna have two children. 6 year old son August and 8 year old daughter April.

Ralphie was kicked out of the concert venue so she was seen taking care in January. The comedian who was in possession of Marijuana was prosecuted by the police. Due to this he also disappeared.

Ralphie and Lahna Turner were married in 2005. They had 2 children in this married life. Time passed slowly and their marriage took 10 years. After this, some problems started in their marital life and their life started going sour. All this went on and on, 2015, but still nothing happened between them. Eventually he demanded custody and divorce of his children.

Who Actually Is Lahna Turner?

Lahna was born on 15 July in the United States. He is 44 years old and a comedian. Their total earnings are $ 2.5 million. He did not work long in the field of entertainment in his life, but he is still influential. Their total salary was not revealed as it is yet to be released in full.

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