Rapper Blueface Bio, Age, Net worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Married

Blueface is an American Hip-Hop recording artist, who is well-known for his signature, off-beat style of rapping. He scored his first hit with the 2018 gang anthem “Respect My Crypn” by using high-pitched vocal projections.

Rapper Blueface Career Details

The Bay Area rapper’s album, “Thotiana” earned him more traction. It was one of the chart-topping singles “Thotiana” was on number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 by January 2019, making it a huge success.

Blueface earned co-signs from his peers as well as predecessors once he started gaining significant momentum. Artists like E-40, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake publicly admired his music.

Rapper Blueface Bio: Real Name, Age And Parents

Blueface’s real name was Jonathan Porter. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on 20th January 1997.

He pays homage and respect to his gang affiliation through his stage name and his tattoos. Even though he is a Crip by admission, the 22-year-old “Freak B*tch” rapper publicly boasts the blue rag no matter what.

The rapper does not share much about his family life on social media or on interviews. So, there is no information on whether his biological parents were actually gang affiliates.

Rapper Blueface Body Measurements

According to Blueface, he had never considered music as a career choice. He had somehow stumbled upon rapping.

He was the star quarter of his football team when he attended Tahquitz High School. His height of 6 feet and 4 inches (1.93 m) was definitely an advantage. He continued to play football after graduation from the Fayetteville State University. He played for six months and then returned home and started working at an office supply store.

Rapper Blueface Net Worth And Concerts

The timing of his return was perfect. In some months, Blueface began recording music under the mentorship of local rapper, TeeCee4800.

Blueface’s multiple tattoos and unquestionable star-like characteristics helped him score a number of hit songs. He used his inflictions, cadence, and flows in such an unconventional way, that his raps went viral.

Blueface signed a record deal with Cash Money West in 2018 after he became well-known in the field. This reportedly made his debut album which was to be released under the imprint, the most anticipated projects of 2019.

Blueface was known as the “Next Big Thing”. Promoters also released a press note in 2019, where they announced that Blueface would be gracing many concerts; some of them being Made in America, Roots Picnic, and Slumped Fest with his presence.

These appearances and accomplishments surely added to the rapper’s increasing net worth.

Rapper Blueface Dating History And Marriage Details

In late 2018, the “Deadlocs” hitmaker hinted that he had a rather complicated romantic life. He didn’t mention anybody in particular but very clearly stated that he would not be having any sexual encounters with his fans.

He also stated that he was single but wasn’t ready to mingle, as that wasn’t on his list of priorities. At the time he was only focused on raising his son, Javaughn, whose mother was a working professional.

Rapper Blueface Arrested In 2018  And 2019

When Blueface’s stardom was at its peak, he was arrested for a firing gunshot at a robber in 2018.

Four months after he committed this felony, he got into trouble again. A loaded, unregistered gun was found in his possession. Per expert opinion, the Cash Money West artist could see almost three years in jail time for the felony.

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