Rapper Yo-Yo Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

She is an American hip-hop recording artist. Yo-Yo’s real name is Yolanda Whitaker. Apart from her music career, she is also an actress and a successful businesswoman. Her music focuses mostly on empowering women and it speaks against sexism that exists in the music industry. Whitaker is the protégé of Ice Cube. Moreover, she was part of a hip-hop crew known as Intelligent Black Woman’s Coalition (IBWC).

Rapper Yo-Yo Net Worth

Yo-Yo became was a guest act AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted album of Ice Cube in the 1990’s. The Rrapper was featured on the song ‘It’s a Man’s World”. While Ice Cube was seen on her album titled Make Way for the Motherlode album, in her song “You Can’t Play with My Yo-Yo”. At that time all her songs were directed by Okuwah Garret of Power Films.

Yo-Yo released her second album titled Black Pearl in 1992. The album that was received well by critics due to the message it conveyed. Generally, this was a plus to her net worth, thanks to the shows and sales. However, most hip-hop fans did not like the album as she expected. This consequently affected her sales, she made a major loss on her part, thus it significantly affected her net worth.

Later, in just few months she released another follow-up song known as You Better Ask Somebody. She recorded with his long-term friend Ice Cube “The Bonnie and Clyde Theme”.

She released her next album in 1996, titled “Total Control,” then completed her fifth album in 1998. The album was never released. Since in 2013 she joined the BET reality series Hip Hop Sisters.

The theme of the reality show is based on six different female rappers, who strive to get their carriers back on track. This movie was a move to her net worth. Other female rappers in the show are Smooth, Lady of Rage, Lil Mama, Monie Love, and MC Lyte.

There is little information known publicly about her houses and cars. Despite having a decent net worth, Yo-Yo has not shared much about her toys and crib.

Rapper Yo-Yo Acting Career

In 1991, the rapper Yo-Yo appeared on her first movie film Boyz n The Hood. The following year she acted in Menace II Society and henceforth appeared in many other films.

Later, she managed to secure a recurring role in the TV show Martin as Keylolo, a role that she played as the best female friend of Martin Lawrence’s Sheneneh.

Further, the Rapper also appeared on other TV shows like New York Undercover of FOX network. As we as appearing on music videos for Artists such as Missy Elliot.

Interestingly, Yo-Yo has was also featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Where she played the voice of Kendal Johnson.

Yo-Yo has made quite a big name and fortune for herself from her music and acting career. Currently she has a totsl net worth of over $2 million.

Rapper Yo-Yo Dating History And Marriage Details

In 2012, in Yo-Yo’s 40 birthday celebration engaged Michigan Mayor DeAndre Windom. And they the duo got married in 2013.

Deandre Windom is the mayor of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods near Detroit known as Highland Park. Hence, he has a very serious job.

Yo-Yo is blessed with two beautiful daughters namely Sanai Whitaker and Tiffany Whitaker. Initially, she used to date the late Tupac Shakur for a while and before his death, she was with him in the hospital until the time he passed away.

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