Rick Neuheisel Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Married, Wife

There are many great names in the world of American football but there is only one legendary, Rick Neuheisel.

Whenever the term college football appears, the only name that pops up in our mind is his name. He is a man worthy of praise, he is fondly remembered both for his time as a player and for his coaching career outside of pitch. The former player and coach is considered a hero among football fans.

In this article we shall talk about his personal life, age, net worth, salary and family. We will also talk about Mrs. Neuheisel, his football career as well as coaching career.

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Rick Neuheisel Net Worth And Salary Details

Although there are many assumptions about Rick Neuheisel’s net worth salary, none of these assumptions and evidently true. However, our reports suggested that in 2011 the legendary coach raked in $1,285,000.

The ex-player and college coach, has had a relatively successful career as both, player and coach. However, most of his fortune was earned during his time as football coach. Before making his way to the tactical bench, rick also had a career in NFL as a player. As we already know that football players get paid hefty amount of money, so its safe to assume that Rick must have been filling his pocket since the early days of her career. A significant amount of Rick’s income also comes from being a sports analyst since Television personalities are paid a large sum.

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Rick Neuheisel Houses And Cars

There are number of properties that Neuheisel owns. In 1999, Mr. and Mrs. Neuheisel purchased a house in Medina for $4.2 million which was later sold off in 2004. The former coach also bought a 6000 square-foot Cape Cod-inspired mansion in Bel-air, in the year 2008.

As for the cars he drives, there are no reports about his vehicle of interest.

Rick Neuheisel Career Details

Rick Neuheisel earned a name for himself in his career bot, as a football player and coach. His outstanding performance and skills in high school football team earned him an invitation to UCLA. One of the highest achievements of Rick’s Football career was leading his team to victory in Rose Bowl against Illinois in 1984.

Rick failed to make his way into the final selection during drafts and instead signed for San Antonio Gunslingers. Unfortunately, his time with Gunslingers was relatively short and lasted for only five weeks.

Moving forward, He joined San Diego Chargers as a standby player. Fun fact time: did you know that the former ace player started coaching when he was still just a player? If you didn’t know that, allow me to explain.

While still a player at UCLA, Rick got the opportunity to work as an assistant coach. His big break came in 1994 when he was selected as a head coach for Colorado, he held on to the position for 4 years. He was at the peak of his career by the time year 1999 came, He found his way to Washington. There, he led his team to glorious victory in Rose Bowl and became the first former MVP to coach a winning team. His career went south back in 2013 when he got caught up in the midst of gambling scandal.

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After moving around from place to place, he finally went back to his former college, UCLA and eventually moved on to broadcast journalism. Rick joined CBS as a guest analyst in 2011. By the year 2015, he was permanently awarded the job as a college football analyst on the same network.

Rick Neuheisel Is Married To Wife Susan Nee Wilkinson

Rick Neuheisel is happily married to his wife Susan Nee Wilkinson. The happy and loving couple has three children together, all boys. Their names are Jerry, Jack and Joe. It looks like all three of them have taken after their father as they are actively involved in football.

Rick’s wife and mother to his children, Susan, has been really supportive of both her husband and three sons.

Rick Neuheisel Bio: Age, Parents, Family, Zodiac

Rick was born on 7 February, 1961 in Madison, Wisconsin. His parents are Richard Gerald Neuheisel and Jane Jackson. the 57 years old former player grew up along with three sisters, Nancy, Katie and Deborah.


Rick was very athletic ever since he was young. Playing three sports at once, rick had to drop other two to focus only on football. Controversial, successful and unprotectable, these are the words used to describe Rick’s full-fledged career. This man never failed to amaze us and always keeps us entertained.

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