Ricky Berwick Bio, Age, Career, Disability, Net Worth, Disease, Age, Married, Wife

It is a fact that not all people with a disability are comfortable in showing that what they are good at. Some become very inactive and show that someone with a disability is a pitiful person but Ricky Berwick is a very different person when it comes to disability. If you follow him on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram then you already have a smile on your face. Who can resist laughing at his jokes and sense of humor! Here, you will recognize all about him.

Who Is Ricky Berwick?

He was born on April 23rd, 1992 which means that in 2018, he is 26 and he was born in Canada. Ricky’s parents are Barbara and Devon and he is one of the most famous comedians online and he has over 1 million followers. Though he made a channel in 2006 but he first uploaded a video in 2016.

He continues to thank Keemstar for showing him that being successful has nothing to do with disability. In the first video he uploaded, he got over a thousand followers, and the more videos he uploaded, the more followers he got and that is how he became popular.

Ricky Berwick Disease, Disability, Medical Condition

Ricky suffers from Beals-Hecht and this has been with him since the day he was born. And this happens due to the mutation in the FBN2 gene which now we know that why he has long arms, fingers, and toes as compared to the rest of his body.

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He says that he is now comfortable with this disability because he knows that it is a part of him but he also says that he had a very challenging childhood because he spent most of his childhood in a motorized wheelchair. And that is the reason why he cannot walk but the good news is that this disease is not life-threatening which means that he is here to stay.

Ricky Berwick Marriage Details

His relationship status is not known because he is among those people who like to focus on their business and keep their relationship off the limelight. But we think that he is not married since he is young but he might have a girlfriend, this fact is based on a tweet that he shared on 13th April saying to unfollow his girlfriend. People are unsure because they think he made a pun. We hope that sooner or later we will know about this and he does not have any children.

Ricky Berwick Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Ricky is a Canadian comedian, we are not sure of his weight and height and if you want to meet him or give him a surprise, make sure that you take your cat with you because he loves cats and he has two as well named as Shaddy and Sonny. He likes to wear the costumes of Spiderman and Batman as they are his favorite superheroes.

Ricky Berwick Net Worth

He has other income resources as well other than being a comedian and that is why owning an online store that sells printed t-shirts and the link is fanfiber.com.

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As of 2018, a reliable source said that his net worth is $19 million. He appeared on TV but it did not go well because he does not like interviews and he likes to keep his personal information to himself.

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