Ryan Buell Is Married To Sergey Poberezhny, Know His Cancer Status, Net Worth And Career

Ryan Buell a star, ghost hunter was born in Corry, Pennsylvania, of Native Italian yank, Danish ancestry, and was raised in Sumter, South geographic region. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and scientific discipline from Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania. follow u. s. to know plenty of regarding Ryan Buell’s married life. Did he marry Sergey Poberezhny? resolve.

He is the founding father of the paranormal analysis society, a gaggle dedicated to serving those that were haunted as he remained. Ryan Buell is accepted for the appearances he created on the hyped A&E paranormal reality show stated as “Paranormal State” in conjunction with his analysis clusters members, the Paranormal analysis club. Paranormal state Ryan Buell declared he was gay and was getting married to Sergey Poberezhny shortly. Did they get married?

In Buell’s memoir, Paranormal State: My journey into the unknown, that was free in solar calendar month 2010, among completely different subjects discusses his bodily property was starting up clean to announce that he is a bisexual, and he struggled to reconcile his sexual belief with religious belief, the faith thereupon he was raised.

I have determined to share my bodily property and struggle over faith in hoping that others will no longer desire they are alone or that they can’t be spiritual.’

Ryan Buell Dating History And Marriage Details

Just recently, Buell declared on his Facebook that he was bisexual ever since 2010, and he has been in an exceedingly very shut relationship with Sergey Poberezhny UN agency is, besides, a “Paranormal State” co-star, that both have become married.

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Making this known on his Facebook page, he said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m excited to announce that I am getting married within the week at long last. I am proud that I am fastening the knot here in State College, PA. which I am proud that we have got an inclination to measure in associate age of wedding equality. presently if exclusively they would legitimate marriage. And heavy particle packs.’’

However, there was not any statement on once and where the marriage will hold, as he does not in conjunction with his fans on Facebook the utmost quantity as other reality TV people.

This call, however, did not go down well in conjunction with his family, as a result, it had been profane. His family rejected him for being gay, and even his partner nearly committed suicide because of the treatment he received from Buell’s family.

His position on the bodily property, also, triggered many reactions from his fans as many congratulated him for starting up clean, whereas, others saw him as a sharpie and uses diversions like this to solid everyone’s attention from where it got to be: having scammed thousands of dollars from fans that purchased tag for the tour, products, etc. that he never consummated.

Ryan Buell Suffering From Cancer

In July 2012, Ryan Buell claimed he had been diagnosed with cancer. He garnered sympathy from his fans UN agency delineated him as a nice guy on the planet, as he is a robust supporter of the Gay and Lesbian right having taken in the flesh among the NOH8 campaign.

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The family equally abandoned him throughout this creating a trial quantity. However, his mother, Shelly Bonavita denied this.

Ryan Buell’s Net Worth, House And  Cars

In 2017, Ryan Buell’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million. He has landed properties in Pennsylvania and owns a BMW.

Ryan Buell Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Ryan Daniel Buell was born on July 8, 1982, in Corry, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, and attended Pennsylvania State University. He is a paranomal investigator, author, and producer.

Why Was Ryan Buell Arrested?

Ryan Buell was arrested in his town Florence county, southern Carolina after he was sued for theft by the college police. He was said to have used a fake address to rental a car from Hertz Eagle Automotive LLC but neither paid nor have the vehicle returned.

He was also charged with stealing leased property and having in his possession stolen property as well as some other misdemeanor charges of service theft hanging over his head.

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