Sherni Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details, Release Date

Sherni Movie Review

Sherni Movie Review: Vidya Balan Amazon Prime Movie


Sherni is an out of the box 2021 Indian movie which will be released on 18th of June, 2021. The film stars Vidya Balan alongside Sharad Saxena, Mukul Chaddha, Ila Arun, Brijendra Kala, Vijay Raaz and Neeraj Kabi. This movie is Directed by Amit Masurkar who is known for his movie Newton.

This movie belongs to the leagues of “ROAR” and “Newton”.

Sherni has finally got an OTT release on 18  June, 2021. It can be watched on Amazon Prime video streaming platform if you own its subscription.

Check out all things about Sherni Movie below


Main Cast:

Vidya Balan
Vijay Raaz
Neeraj KabiNangia
Mukul ChaddaPawan
Sharat Saxena
Brijendra Kala
Mukesh PrajapatiForest Guard
Sherni Movie Review

Supporting Cast of the movie:

Ila ArunPawan’s Mother
Lokesh MittalDFO Mohan
Shivanshu MehtaPrem
Ram RawatGK crony
Satyakam AnandP.K.
Ashwini LadekarFemale forest guard
Aradhna ParasteAruna (as Aradhana Paraste)
Kirti Shreeyansh JainGuest at party


Sherni Trailer released on 2nd June 2021.

Best things about trailer:

1)Vidya Balan reminds us of Raj Kumar Rao kind of character from “NEWTON”.

2)Background music in the movie is quite apt for this kind of cinema.

3)Cast of the movie boasts of veterans and masters of this kind of cinema including Vijay Raaz, Niraj Kabi, Brijendra Kala and others.

4)Movie gives insights about man made and natural obstacles in the forest ecosystem and how they unbalance the  forest life.

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5)”Sherni” boasts of many serious and funny one-liners if we go by the trailer.

6)Looks like an honest and fresh  attempt on animal conservation ,male patriarchy,politics and issues of tribals.

Worst things about trailer:

1)Buzz of the movie is quite low. Prime didn’t even premiere the trailer and it came without any further notice.

2)We will be missing the services of Pankaj Tripathi in such movies..


Sherni is about a forest officer played by none other than Vidya Balan. Her character will try to set up a balance in a world of hatred where humans and animals are in conflict.Sherni looks like a social commentary through the killing of a tigress.

By the looks of Trailer and on hearing Vidya Balan’s dialogue in the teaser it looks like the movie is completely based on a strong plot and a hard hitting story line.

Release Date & Where to Watch

You can stream the movie on Amazon Prime Video from June 18  onwards .

Amazon prime subscription charges are  ₹999 for one year and it also includes other Amazon services like Amazon music, Amazon prime shopping complementary with video streaming service.


Reasons to watch this movie

1)Strong and subtle performance by the cast.

2)Hard hitting plotline without showing any kind of over the top gimmicks.

3)Sherni tries to show how politics ,government machinery and media can be clueless at same time.

4) Background music and cinematography is quite simple and gives time to think between the scenes.

Reasons to avoid this movie

1)If you are not a fan of content driven cinema.

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2) Movie lacks multiple emotions and the family portions does make some scenarios dull .

3)Hard hitting dialogues are few but images are enough to make up for that.

Whether to watch it or not

Don’t give a miss because this kind of efforts fulfills the purpose of cinema.

Rating :

8/10 (Good)

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