Storage Wars Cast Brandi Passante Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Like her fiancee and business partner Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante gained her fame after joining the A&E reality show” storage wars.” So, do you want to know when she joined the show? It was after the establishment of their thrift store, ” Now and then Second Hand Stores.”

Unfortunately, Brandi and Jarold were the least earners in the show. Yet, they did not fail to impress their fans. Thanks to their resilience in the bidding, which earned them fame and contributed to increasing their net worth and growing their business. The fact that makes people ship the couple is that they have been together for 15 years and more. But that’s not it; Brandi and Jarrold have learned to grow together and develop their business together as a couple and business partners within these years, which is quite impressive.

Brandi Passante Net Worth And Salary Details

Soon after Brandi and Jarrold tied the knot, they built their primary business, “Now and Then,” a second-hand store. In a few days, luck shone brightly on them as they were offered the cast role in the reality show “Storage Wars.” Brandi Passante earned some salary from the show, which would have increased her fortune, which is $300,00 per episode—reaching the high from the beginning, huh?

Other than the storage wars, Jarrold and Brandi have their show “Brandi and Jarrold: married to the job.” All credits go to the couple’s hard work as they could expand their business into a new location, long beach, United States. Since ever, her friendly nature was loved by anyone who knew. Hence, as she got into the industry, it didn’t take her to charm her audience, ultimately leading to gaining a large number of fans. She is described to have a” take no prisoners” attitude.

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She stated that,

I have to turn around my scores quickly because they play for the next auction. If I don’t flip the items I can bid again

She knows well of her earnings and how to use them efficiently.

Now, why don’t we walk into some romance? During the first season of their show, Jarrold proposed to her in front of their kids. He dressed their dog in a tuxedo and tied a tag around his neck, asking her to marry him. Unique, impressive, and very romantic! Later on, in the seventh episode, we see her going some wedding dress shopping. It’s amusing to see how the excited bride-to-be Brandi went ahead to give in detail how she wants her wedding to be like any other girl!

It’s worth noting that Brandi has turned a new toss in her life. Despite having a DIU conviction, Brandi decided on a new path and is now a reality television star. Big applause for that, folks!

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