Storage Wars Cast Nabila Haniss Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

Whoever reached up with the name Storage Wars must have thought concerning it. One of the cast members who really got to feel the show’s true essence is none other than Nabila Haniss.

Although that’s going ahead individually, you will discover more about this VH1 star, plus her net worth, wiki-like-bio, age, and about her relationship status.

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Nabila Haniss Net Worth And Salary

What do you think? Who needs hard work when you’ve got luck and fortune? This Storage Wars celebrity has not been on display for long but has a much more net worth than others. Actually, it meets that of stars who have been in the game for a long time.

Nabila’s net worth income is currently estimated at around $10 million. Consequently, how specifically did she go this far? By trading valuable artifacts, yes, of course, and being forward about it. Accordingly, she has no other resources of earnings apart from the one at Storage Wars. Her salary for performing and appearing on the show for only four seasons is still unexplored and unknown.

Storage Wars Cast Nabila Haniss’ Married Life

In so far as she has decided to protect her private life apart from public scrutiny, however, there have been leaks and news here and there. Someone whose net worth is almost $10 million is pretty clear that someone around will perceive something related to her.

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Through digging deep, we began to uncover that Nabila Haniss, the millionaire storage wars star, is married, and she has two daughters. She has tried too hard to conceal the names of her husband and daughters, but it will eventually surface.

She married one of her first love and high school sweetheart; hence the mommy of two hasn’t had an active dating life.

Nabila’s hubby is a banker. He used to bring homeward the juice while she raised her children as a home-mom. And from here, she redd up a hobby that transformed her life around.

Storage Wars Cast Nabila Haniss’ Career Details

What a glorious career Nabila Haniss is! It gave her nearby $10 Million Net Worth.

By remembering those dull days after her kids were all grown up and off to college that the mom of two picked on something inspiring and exciting. And she made the most excellent choice to fuel her passion and future in auctions and antique collecting.

In an effort, she made the deal of a lifetime when she fortunately bid and purchased a storage unit with items worth millions. Dazzling gold was the reveal that the said unit referred to none other than an American celebrity Paris Hilton. With the star and celeb’s things in her ownership, Nabila auctioned them off to the most significant buyer who returned her in abundance.

The strange man separated with $10 million and began a website-show where he is likely to have gained millions of dollars. Angry and alienated, Paris Hilton filed for a lawsuit, but shortly, she dismissed the charges after much legal discussion. The case didn’t have a substantial legal ground, and thus, she would have surely lost the prosecution.

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The valuables stuff included her family heritage, videos, and even her naked photos attracted quite the massive traffic on the website.

Nabila Haniss associated Storage Wars during the second season, subsequently continuing a recurring cast member for those days. And she maintained on to appear in the coming seasons until the fifth when she asked it ends.

In her active Twitter, the mommy of two still keeps up the excellent commitment hunting through various storage units.

The Storage Wars fame, the Television star Nabila Haniss was born on October 22nd, 1965, in Culver City, CA. She was a California resident, and having been brought up as the 2nd generation of Americans in her family is nearly everything that we have in her early life and education background.

Nabila does have a brother too who follows her through her auctions as her voice of purpose. This 54-years-old star has also done decent work at concealing her body measures, her height. However, we’re confident we will find something exciting shortly and refresh our article.


We could say luck or her fortune, sure for one thing, that the Storage Unit of Paris Hilton wouldn’t have been adequately put to use if Nabila Haniss hadn’t obtained ownership of its items. She is always business-oriented, and a quick decision-maker to catch the offer saw her enormous net worth rise to about $10 million really effortlessly!

At present, Nabila relishes a delightfully private and hidden life from the public with her hubby at an early retreat age of just 54 years. Strangely, The Storage Wars star Nabila Haniss’s Wiki-Page does not subsist!

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