Ted Vernon Marriage And Divorce With Ex-Wife. Know His Age And Net Worth

Robin Vernon Ted’s wife is an American television personality, producer, and a successful actress, widely known for the show “South Beach Classics” in 2011 and became a mainstream celebrity after she did a stint in “Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre” in 2014. She was also cast in the erotica style movie “Hell Glades.” In 2011, she appeared in the movie called ‘South Florida: Topless Beauties.’ Robin Vernon’s personal life has been a hot topic in the media for some time. She was married to herlongtime boyfriend, Ted Vernon. It has been said about Ted Vernon’s divorce from Robin Vernon, but they haven’t officially announced the split.

Ted Vernon Marriage Details

She was married to herlongtime boyfriend Ted Vernon, a former wrestler and actor. She saidthatshe met Ted on a blind date, and on their first date, she fell for him just because of his sense of humor. After dating for two years, they got married and are living happily.

Robin is the co-owner of the Ted Vernon Specialty automobiles along with her husband, Ted Vernon. Together they created the business and turned it into a reality TV show and, as such, “South Beach Classics,” where it also became a runaway success since 2011.They have an electric crew where they can buy, sell, and trade, restoring cars to their prime and exchange some of the most unique and classic automobile models found in the market. In the show, Ted looks for a classic and vintage model, followed by their camera crew, and then trade it to another client.

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Some of their customers are pensioners, small business owners, tourists, professional athletes, celebrities, and even royalty from the Middle East. Robin and her husband dealt with cars ranging from thousands to over a million dollars.

What Happened To Ted Vernon’s Life Robin Vernon In South Beach Classics?

Robin Vernon has been rumored to be leaving the show “South Beach Classics.” This news came as a surprise to all. Let’s try to find out the story behind it? Last September 2016, the couple hit the headline about their relationships. The South Beach Classics said on their Facebook page that the show would only feature Ted Vernon for the next edition. On November 14, Ted Vernon tweeted that he will be hosting the South Beach Classic with a new partner named Christine Morris, an entrepreneur, marketing specialist, and a model. Their fans were not happy about Robin’s disappearance on the show.Robin’s abrupt exit from the show is quite a blow to her fans, who are trying to send their comments on Facebookrequesting Robin to return to the show.

Did Ted Vernon Divorce With Robin Vernon

After all, Robin is not yet clear about why she left the show. The show has seen a decline in ratings since that time after Robin left the show. On December 13, 2016, Robin revealed the truth and confirmed via her Twitter that she had ended the relationship with Ted. There are also rumors of fighting and infidelity as the cause of Ted Vernon’s divorce from Robin Vernon, and another prospect that played a big part in their split was their huge age gapas Ted is over 68, Robin is in her 30s.

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