This Is The Kilcher Family Tree. Meet Every Member of The Kilcher Family

The Kilcher family became famous on Discovery Channel via the American TV series, “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” The show is gaining much popularity and many people can wait to see every episode about the Kilcher’s adventurous life. Know a single member of the family tree Kilcher.

Lived away from everyday life, in their houses, outside Of Alaska, they prefer to lead an existence that many of us wouldn’t consider feasible without heating up in Alaska ‘s hot, cold winters and chasing and farming.

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The Kilcher Family Tree

The Kilcher family’s history in Alaska started with Yule Kilcher who was raised in Switzerland in 1913. He and his wife Ruth have eight children, two of whom are ATZ and Otto Kilcher. They are Yule and Ruth’s only sons, and they grew up with six sisters: Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise.

Atz Has Four Children With Wife Bonnie: Shane, Jewel, Lee And Nikos

Otto lives with his wife Charlotte and has four children: Levi, Eivin (Otto ‘s son with his first wife) August and Torrey (Charlotte Kilcher ‘s son from her previous marriage)
Yule and Ruth Kilcher

Back in 1936, during World War 2, Yule Kilcher left Switzerland searching for another place to live for him and his family, far away from Europe’s tensions. He came to America and here he found out that 600 acres could be obtained for free in Alaska.
He announced his family immediately but the only one that chose to follow him was his friend Ruth, who later became his wife. They are senior members of the Kilcher Family tree.

They had eight children together: two sons, ATZ and Otto; six daughters, Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise. They raised their children in the house and went to homeschool until their early teens and then attended the public school courses by correspondence because the elementary school was too far away.

Ex-Lenedra Carroll, Atz Kilcher And Wife Bonnie Dupree

Atz Kilcher was born in Homer Alaska on 2 September 1947, after his parents had relocated from Switzerland here. He is the eldest son of eight children (Yule’s eldest child in the family tree of Kilcher) and he lives his entire life in a homestead..

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He is now married to Bonnie Dupree. She was born in New York on 5 February 1954. She and her first husband left New York, and they moved to Tepee.

There is no information about her first marriage and how it ended, but Bonnie has two children together with her first husband. After moving to Alaska, she met Atz and they have a good life together because.

Atz had been married to Lenedra Carroll before Bonnie too. They have three children together: Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher, and Atz Lee Kilcher. The 4th child, Nikos, was assumed to be Atz and Bonnie ‘s son for a long time, but apparently his mother is another woman called Linda.

Atz was known as the father of popular singer Jewel Kilcher before being the main cast in Alaska the Last Frontier.

Atz Lee Kilcher And Wife Jane Kilcher

The last frontier star is known as Atz Lee Kilcher, son of Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll. He shows his family’s regular events during Alaska- the Last Frontier Series.
He’s been having Jane Kilcher married since 2005. We met as Jane is from Homer Alaska, outside the homestead of the Kilcher, in the 2000s. Her experience as a business fisherwoman brought a plus to the way of life of the Kilcher, contributing to family subsistence with her special knowledge of the ocean.

They have two children together, fifteen-year-old son Etienne and daughter Piper, but they rarely appear in the show as their parents keep them private because they think they are too young to face some of the negative comments they can make about them.

Shane Kilcher And Wife Kelli Kilcher

Shane Kilcher is the eldest son of the Atz and was born on 5 May 1971. He is also recognized as the reality show star of “Alaska the Last Frontier,” and with his charm and sense of humor, he attracts many fans.

His wife, Keli Kilcher, stars along with him. Keli was born and raised in Alaska, Anchorage and when they were in high school she met Shane.

They have been inseparable since then and they are happily married since June 1992. Shane completed Steller High School and now he’s caring with disadvantaged people. Keli serves in Homer ‘s South Peninsula School, since graduating from Maric College California.

They have four kids: Keenan Tarik Kilcher, Jareth Kilcher, Jenna Kilcher and Reid Kilcher. Jewel Kilcher

Before her family member Jewel became famous as a singer and songwriter. Her father Atz Kilcher taught her to sing and she does a lot of practicing in music and studying the songs of her father’s.

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She applied for a scholarship to an art school in Michigan when she was 15 years old and was admitted. Her first solo was a real success in Homer.

Upon moving to Michigan to attend the college, she started to compose music, learn to play guitar and perform live in coffeehouses.

Her career started in 1993 and until now she has published great albums like Pieces of You, Soul, This way, Farewell Alice in Wonderland, Perfectly Clear, Lullaby and the new Picking Up The Pieces.

Jewel is also an actress and made her 1999 debut playing Sue Lee Shelley with the Devil in Ride. She also writes poetry and published her first book, A Night Without Armor, in 1998.

Nikos Kilcher

Nikos Kilcher is another member of Kilcher’s clan. He is now 32 years old, and all believed that He is Atz Kilcher ‘s friend, and Bonnie, his aunt. But surprisingly, Atz Kilcher had a friendship with a woman called Linda alongside his established two wives with whom he married, Bonnie Dupree and ex-Lenedra Carroll, and claimed to be Nikos’ mother.

Nikos is not a frequent appearance about his family in the TV reality show but is very active on social media. He and her wife share several photos of him. Because … Yes! He’s getting married. Kate Kilcher is his wife and they met in 2008. They married in September 2014, after a friendship of six years.

Nikos embraced the passion for music as did his sister Jewel and his entire family. He has a YouTube Channel on which he shares singing songs, a cover song, or his own. He is at the start of his career as a singer but he has every opportunity to follow the success of his sister.

Otto Kilcher And Wife Charlotte Kilcher, Ex-Wife Sharon McKemie

Otto Kilcher is Yule Kilcher’s second wife. He is currently married to Charlotte Kilcher. The two are stars in Alaska the Last Frontier television series.

They met in South Central Alaska to help with the environmental disaster caused by the oil spill at Exxon Valdez. When she came to Alaska to work as a biologist, Charlotte was married, but her previous marriage ended up and she got married to Otto. Otto and Charlotte have one son August together. She has one son from her previous marriage named Torrey.

Otto had also been twice married to Charlotte. Sharon McKemie and his ex-wife have two sons: Eivin and Levi. Sharon still stays near the building, and is still loyal to her son’s relatives, according to Eivin ‘s wife Eve.

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Eivin Kilcher And Wife Eve Kilcher

Otto Kilcher ‘s eldest son, Eivin Kilcher. He is married to a hard worker known as Eve Kilcher. She had never shared any detail regarding her age or relatives. She spends 90% of her life in the garden and cares for her vegetables.

The family appreciates her for being able to produce tremendous quantities of herbs and vegetables in a limited time span. So she’s an important member as she guarantees food supply for a whole winter. She was born not far from the Kilcher homestead so it wasn’t difficult for her and Eivin to meet and create together a great family.

Eve and Eivin have two children, one daughter, and one son. Their first child is Findlay, a cute four-year-old boy who was welcoming his little sister Sparrow Rose at the age of nearly two on September 28, 2015. The four of them live happily in the homestead.

Levin Kilcher

Levi Kilcher is Eivin Kilcher’s single full child. He is Scientist and Explorer. He now resides in Boulder, Colorado, and leads the tool of the water power team at NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). He is an authority on ocean motion, surface waves, and tidal cycles. No information is available if he is married or not, or any other information about his personal life.

August Kilcher

Another member in Kilcher Family Tree is August Kilcher, son of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher. He is the only child that the two had in common. He is studying at Oregon State University and now lives in Oregon, but he very often visits the homestead. He featured in multiple episodes of The Last Frontier Series in Alaska.

There is no precise information about him or her being in a relationship, but he and her high school friend Megan are often photographed together and seem to be close enough to assume they might have more than just a relationship of friends.

Torrey Kilcher

Torrey Kilcher is a son from her previous marriage to Charlotte Kilcher. There are no details about his biological father but Otto has a great relationship with Torrey despite being his stepfather.

We don’t know anything about Torrey but he was married to a gorgeous woman called Dana in December 2015 according to his mother update on his Instagram account @charlottekilcher

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