Tom Basden Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

A comic by trade, British sensation Tom Basden rose to prominence as a writer/actor via BBC Roman comedy Plebs. He is also known for penning Channel 4 comedic show called Fresh Meat.

Tom Basden Career Details

Among the larger worldwide audience though, the talented comedian gets best recognized as Matt from the notoriously comical series “After Life.” Aired in 2019, the Netflix special features fellow British comic Ricky Gervais as its lead.

Also in 2019, the fans further got to witness Tom’s multi-faceted talents when he starred alongside actor Daniel Craig in the BBC Two show called Isle Of Dreams.

Tom Basden Dating History And Marriage Details

As a top British prospect on an international stage, one would expect there to be a line of women willing to be his wife. Or at the very least, on the prowl to become a girlfriend.

What gives the female admirers hope is the simple fact that Tom never honestly advertises his married life – of course, assuming that he even has a wife/partner. Be it in public or online, he keeps his dating life with mystery girlfriends under wraps and away from the prying eyes.

Is Tom Basden Gay?

As it does, the absence of a life partner in Tom’s life gave somewhat credence to the rumors of him being a gay man. Over time, the suggestions about his sexuality only persisted as he refrained from tackling the subject head-on.

Perhaps, the Plebs actor wants to pan to the LGBTQ demographic by letting the gossips fly. Either that or he is indeed a gay man with a mystery partner but doesn’t want to flaunt it on public platforms.

Tom Basden Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Tom’s reclusive nature extends beyond his romantic affiliations and onto family life as well. Details about his biological parents have gained a mythic status at this point.

Tom was born in the year 1980 in England, United Kingdom. Since information on his upbringing is scarce, the 39-year-old probably picked up a passion for everything comic at an early age.

Pursuing his artistic aspiration, he graduated from Cambridge’s prestigious am-dram group called Footlights. Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, and Rowan Atkinson are some notable Footlights Alums.

Tom Basden Net Worth

Together with Footlights members Tim Key, Stefan Golaszewski & Lloyd Woolf, Tom formed a comedy group called Cowards. The quartet did two BBC Radio 4 series as well as a BBC Three TV show.

The Wrong Man’s actor’s career, however, didn’t take off until 2007 when he got honored with Edinburgh Comedy Award for best newcomer. In the years since the recognition, he has starred, written, and produced countless TV shows, films, and staged theatrical productions.

Insiders argue that Tom boasts a seven-figure sum in net worth through his endeavors.

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