Troy Carter Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Rebecca Carter

Troy carter is the founder, CEO and the chairperson of the Atom Factory and he is also the global head of creator services at Spot. He doesn’t look like much but don’t let his appearance fool you and make an impression about him of just being an ordinary man.

Troy carter has dedicated his entire career into music management, and in turn, it has made his fortune to shine by the net worth which he has accumulated. This is a short window to Troy Carter’s net worth, his relation with his wife Rebecca and also about his other personal stats.

Troy Carter Bio: Age, Early Life

Troy carter was born on November 14th, 1972 in Philadelphia. Troy grew up as having a zodiac sign Scorpio. He still is not that old by the looking at the wealth which he has accumulated, he is just forty-eight years old. Troy had a tough upbringing and had very few to no privileges at his side, the father of five didn’t even have a well structured house. Troy’s parents parted their ways when he was just two years old, he was raised by his mother and all these things made him to see things in a whole lot different way.

Troy Carter Education Details

The business giant is also a drop out at West Philadelphia High School. Finally before dropping he bounced between different schools such as Huey Elementary and Sayre Middle School. Troy’s father was convicted in the murder of his brother-in-law for which he was imprisoned for twelve years.

Troy Carter Career Details

However, when he got out, he had great terms with his son Troy and was in peace with him. Carter got involved in music after dropping out and he even was able to get his rap group signed by WilJam Records, a label owned by Will Smith and James Lassiter. This began his career for good leap in future.

At the first sight you might think Troy is in middle school especially when you project him from the back. However, by the fields he has ventured he is an investor, business person and most importantly a talent manager who mostly encompasses music.

Troy was active since 1995 but his career could not get the thrust which he had hoped. He was pursuing his career in music with his musical group “Too many” with no visible success . The group could not sustain and finally crashed which made him to do odd jobs to make the ends meet. He worked as an intern at Bad Boy Records, he even promoted artists and concerts before moving back to Philadelphia. Carter also worked for Grammy award winner Eve and became his manager but to his dismay he crashed there too and lost his job.

Nevertheless, just when all hope of surviving was gone, he met with Vincent Herbert, the record producer who made him co-manager to the famous Lady Gaga. Back then, Lady Gaga hadn’t hit international stardom status as of now. With the money he made which he reaped out of managing her he formed the Coalition Media Group in 2007. Few other projects which he ventured were the Atom Factory developed in 2010, The Backplane in 2011, AF Square, and A \ IDEA. He even had investments in companies such as Uber, Dropbox, Spotify and many more.

Troy Carter Net Worth

Troy has been able to make a whopping $60 millions as his net worth, this is a good amount as we all know.

Most of his money comes from his investments which he has made in his entire career. The major investment out of which he is reaping huge profits are the talent management TV and film production company, Coalition Media Group. Moreover, there are also the other companies that he considered wise investments to make huge profits like Warby Parker, Songza and Fab.

Troy is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry which has made him to yield great profits . Carter has a huge list of clients and he manages the careers of several celebrity artists like Meghan Trainor, The Ceremonies, Mindless Behavior, Priyanka Chopra and many others. Troy’s prominence in the industry has won him several awards, he has got interviews and shows like Shark Tank which also contributed to his ever-growing net worth.

Troy Carter Is Married To Wife Rebecca Carter

Troy carter has a very successful married life and all thanks to his companion Rebecca carter, they both have five kids. Troy Carter likes to keep his family life a secret and even avoids talking much about his wife Rebecca in public much, but we with some research were able to get some information about his family.

Rebecca has done graduation in finance from the University of Massachusetts . She even served as the Chief Financial Officer at Atom Factory and AF Square . She has also served as a Financial Consultant at Merrill Lynch. The love story of Troy and Rebecca is still a mystery and we don’t know how and where they met but to make a smart guess we would say it would have been some business deals which might have cracked their love deal.

Rebecca Carter is a philanthropist and she also likes giving her take on matters as the advisory board for Project E.T.H.E. One of their kids has also followed her mother’s footsteps and took up a roll in one of their firms called Cross-Culture. They live a very secretive life away from rumors and much media attention.


Troy carter has managed to make his growth graph rising after a few hurdles in his career, he is going strong and making huge connection adding up to his worth of $60 millions by his hard work and determination to succeed in every possible situation . His family life is quiet peaceful with his wife Rebecca and the lovely five kids.

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