Troy Landry Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Troy landry, the fearless alligator hunter who changed his fate with his legendry show, Swamp people which is in its 9th hit season on history channel. Landry is your go to person, when it comes to catching the alligator or grilling it! The man knows it all. But ever wondered, how much does he make by risking his life in such grave danger. Let’s find out more on his net worth highlight, house, wife and the death rumors surrounding his son

Troy Landry Net Worth And Salary Details

Landry has made a fortune out of his show by just featuring in it, yes you read it right! He has made more money for his appearances in the show than slaying the wild beasts. He roughly earns $25,000 for each episode, which corresponds to $300,00 every year. Excluding the spin-offs and special episodes that he never misses so his net worth as of 2018 stands at approximately $2 million.

However, the gator hunter believes in the bigger picture and manages his crawfish business as the chief harvester and distributor during the off season, considering the gator season lasts for only a month. Landry wouldn’t be able to create his empire by just sitting around and waiting for the next season to come. Thus, grabs every opportunity that comes his way.

Troy also took a giant leap from calling a trailer his house to creating a dream house for his family. The house is completely made of wood which he had gathered for over 30 years. The most impressive part about is house is not just his 30 by 34 feet spacious family room or its 12-foot dining table built by his hands but the fact that he hasn’t used any sheetrock during the whole construction.

Aside from being a skilled hunter troy is a family man, married for over 30 years to his loving wife, Bernita. She is the one who usually styles him up for the show but her full-time day job is teaching.

Their net worth is a combined effort from both troy and Bernita because when the husband is out strutting in the mud, getting down and dirty, she works as a publicist for the History Channel. They have two beautiful boys named Chase and Jacob. I know you may be wondering about Brandon.

Troy Landry Family Details

Brandon is not his biological son. Instead, he is the off spring of Bernita’s previous relationships. There is currently no information about him except for his last name, Hotard which he wears proudly.

Brandon took the spotlight as the internet broke the news of his death by taking everyone by surprise. The outrageous rumor was fueled even more when alligator man, troy himself marked his absence from the show since 2014 after only filming for 14 episodes since 2012.

Rumors are like wild fire and should be immediately controlled so here’s a little secret to put your mind at ease. Brandon is not dead; he is alive and is living happily with his small family. Brandon has two beautiful girls, Rayne and Miley which is from his previous marriage. Currently Brandon found his love and married to Sheli Lynn Pavlick. They are madly in love and happily married.

Rayne being the older daughter was conceived on July 11, 2002, whereas the Miley was born on April 11, 2007. Details of their mother and Brandon’s former wife is still unknown to the public.

They do get along well with their new step-mom very well. Brandon is now a days settled in Morgan City, Louisiana where he holds a high-ranking managerial position at Conrad Shipyard.

Troy Landry Age: How Old Is Troy Landry?

The enigmatic TV star was born on 9th June,1960 and is currently 58 years old. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Troy was born to his parents Duffy and Myrtle, who are not unknown faces as they usually make their appearances on the show. He had a humble childhood where he grew along with his two siblings, Guy and Bubba in Louisiana who were also brought up in the family generation’s line of fishing and hunting. It was the year 2010 which acted as the turning point for troy, where history channel contacted and made him the star of the show, swamp people. After which his career jumped into hyperdrive and there was no looking back.

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