Tyler Ritter Is Married To Wife Lelia Parma. Know Their Net Worth, Son Benjamin Ritter

Baby Benjamin Parma Ritter was born to Tyler Ritter and his wife Lelia Parma and was welcomed with lots of happiness from his parents. The news of the birth of the adorable baby Benjamin hit the social media platforms on Sunday 11th June 2017.

What a best way of expressing the joy could be, a picture of the baby Benjamin cuddled by his father Tyler Ritter. The joy on the face of the dad was the strongest reflection of how the family is feeling about the arrival of the new member.

The caption was just far more expressive and it read.
“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, He is Benjamin Parma Ritter and we are feeling good”
Tyler was given a new post of dad and the new dad was for sure going to do justice to the job. He was completely overwhelmed of being a dad to his son and was not hesitant in expressing himself at all. He actively announced it on the Instagram with captions mainly “How happy I am” which itself is a complete explanation of how Tyler is feeling to be a dad.

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Benjamin Ritter Parents

Benjamin’s parents were dating back from 2007 although the exact day of their wedding is not known but the beautiful wedding took place somewhere. They both loved each other a lot and so they took the next step of moving a step forward and living with each other for the rest of their lives.

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Career Benjamin Ritter Parents

The profession of his father is an actor who hails from America. he has acted in films such as “Hot in Cleveland”, “Young and Hungry“, “S.H.I.E.L.D” and “Arrow“. His first break came back in 2008 when he was casted in the television show “Good Dick” depicting the character of a young handsome man. Detective Bill Malone of Arrow is the character for which Tyler is known for among the masses. He even worked in the film named Chicago P.D depicting the character of Rex Goldwin.

Benjamin’s mother also is active in entertainment industry, Lelia is an Argentinian film director and production designer. The coming of Benjamin into their family was the biggest happiness they ever had, the child is a celebrated child and everyone is quiet attached to the child named Benjamin. The child is not just attached to the parents but his uncle Jason Ritter and aunts named Carly and Stella Ritter.

Benjamin is like the most pampered child of the family and they all have very close bonding to each other.

Benjamin shares the birthday month with his mom Leila with just a gap of one week and is born into a family of actors and directors, so hopefully we may see him in the industry in the near future.

We wish Tyler Ritter and Leila a happy future along with their child Benjamin.

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