Van Lathan Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Married, Wife

Van Lathan shot to fame and became an overnight sensation when he stood up against hip hop artist and self-proclaimed God, Kanye West’s views on slavery. It all started when the rapper called slavery a choice to which, Van Lathan who was a reporter with TMZ, countered by pointing out that the rapper was oblivious to the plight of the common African-American people and couldn’t relate to them because of his luxurious lifestyle.

Although this incident made the public stand up and take notice of Van, there are many aspects to his life that are still not known and very private. So let’s try and understand his personal as well as his professional life and also his financial status.

Van Lathan Bio:Age, Early Life, Education, Parents

Van Lathan was born on the 16th of April, 1980 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He moved to Los Angeles to build on his professional career after completing his college education. He is currently working with TMZ as a journalist, and is also the host of the podcast, The Red Pill. The six-feet four inch, African-American journalist rakes in $90,000.00 annually, though his net worth is not known.

Van Lathan Family Life

Though professionally successful, Van Lathan remains humble. He is very close to his parents, his sister and his grandmother whom he features regularly on his podcast. Van is especially close to his father who had to undergo a cardiac surgery in May of 2019.

Van Lathan Dating History And Marriage Details

His spat with Kayne West made him the target of immense scrutiny. The internet community wanted to find out whether he was married or dating someone. And it came to light, after much digging into his social media posts, where he had twitted that till 2014, he was unmarried. Van, however, admitted in one of his tweets of September 19th, 2014 that he was involved and had a girlfriend.

Besides his tweeter feeds, where he shares his views on marriage and the non-existence of wife-material, Van hasn’t disclosed much about his love life. Some say that he is married to a beautiful woman while others take it that he is still a bachelor. There is still a lot of speculation. The truth still hasn’t surfaced.

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