What Happened To Chip Hailstone On Life Below Zero? Known His Bio, Age, Net Worth

Many fans of Life Below Zero, a reality TV show about hunting, have been asking the same question since they no longer see Chip Hailstone in the program. Before telling you what happened to him, let’s give a brief introduction.

Chip Hailstone is a hunter based in the Alaskan forest. He hunts with his family, and that is what the show is about. His sharp sight and excellent hunting skills earned him the admiration of his fans. The show was aired on National Geographic, a channel that focuses on wildlife.

Combining hunting with fatherhood is another reason why a lot of people love the skillful hunter. He virtually ran the show before his sudden disappearance. We felt bad when we learned of his incarceration. Could it be true? Was it a mere rumor that would be denied? What exactly could the celebrity hunter have done?

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Why Was Chip Hailstone Jailed?

We also wanted answers to the questions, so we began our investigation. Here’s what we found out. Chip was jailed for perjury. He made false statements under oath twice. In 2011, he reported to the police that a state trooper assaulted his eldest daughter physically by placing her on a submission hold.

This was later found to be a lie. He was convicted, but he filed an appeal against the conviction. On another occasion, he had also claimed that someone pointed a gun at another daughter. This was found to be far from the truth again. So, he was convicted and sentenced to a 15-month jail term.
Since then, he hasn’t been featured in the show. His family had to continue to hunt without him. Chip Hailstone is married to Agnes Hailstone, and their over 25-year-old marriage has produced 2 sons and 5 daughters.

Chip Hailstone Net Worth

No doubt, Agnes has been a wonderful wife and super mom. Being based in a small town like Noorvik, Chip and his family have only 2 sources of income. They make a living from hunting and from the show. With that in mind, you’ll agree that Hailstone’s net worth of $250,000 is commendable.

He’s about 5o years old, while Agnes is 48. Both of them and their children live in the freezing atmosphere of Noorvik. Since he’s out of jail now, we expect him to have resumed hunting with his family.

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