What Killed Pawn Stars Cast Richard Harrison? Know His Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight At Death

As the old man, Richard Harrison has appeared in several episodes of the Pawn Stars show. Recently, news about the Old Man suffering a stroke broke on social media. It became viral overnight leaving his fans in a frenzy. Some of the viewers even declared his death. There were many back and forth arguments about his death among fans. Read on to find out what really happened to the old man from Pawn Star and how he died.

What Happened To The Old Man Richard Harrison And Why Did He Leave The Pawn Star Show?

Richard Harrison, the Old Man, retired from the show of the Pawn Stars last year, citing certain complications related to his health. Richard has been medically unwell for quite some time, and he had to quit the show Pawn Stars to concentrate on his health. His illness had become a significant cause of concern for his family members.

He abruptly exited from the show creating many speculations among the fans of the show. Quite a while after his hiatus from the show, there were hoaxes of his death. These hoaxes came to the forefront whenever news about him having a stroke circulated the internet. (before 25th June 2018).

Who Is The Old Man Richard Harrison?

The character the Old man was played by Richard Harrison, who was born on 4th March 1941. He spent his early years in Lexington, North Carolina. During his youth, he worked as a driver of a school bus to make ends meet. Later, Richard joined the US Navy and served the nation for around 20 years.

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Richard’s wife is a real estate business investor. He assisted her with the management immediately after he left the US navy.

In 1981, along with his son Rick Harrison, Richard started the Gold and Silver coin shop, one of the largest private-owned enterprises in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shop has been featured many times in the Pawn Stars show.

Ever since a death hoax of popular media personality and business mogul Richard Harrison broke out, he has kept low key. He has stayed away from the media, and his whereabouts were marked classified.

He led a relatively quiet life away from the media. Richard Benjamin Harrison is still one of the most loved characters of the Pawn Stars show. His untimely exit has left a vacuum in the show.

The Old Man Richard Harrison Died Of Parkinson’s Disease At The Age Of 77 On 25th June 2018

One of the most loved characters, the old man from the Pawn stars, died of Parkinson’s disease. His death rumors were circulating the internet long before his actual demise. His deteriorating health condition always created these rumors about his passing. His eventual death at the age of 77 made a void in the Pawn Stars show. He will be deeply missed by his fans, and the “pawn stars” show will never be the same without him.

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