Who Is Caroline Boyer? Know Her Net worth, Salary, Age, Height, Weight

If Caroline Boyer does not sound familiar to you, Luke Bryan Should. Caroline Boyer is Luke’s wife. Of course, getting married to Luke Bryan made her famous, but this piece is about Caroline and not Luke. So, we’ll focus on Caroline. If you’re a fan of Luke Bryan, you should have seen Caroline in some of Luke’s musical videos.

According to some of her teachers, Caroline was a brilliant student in college. Also, she exhibited great talent in singing and acting. And this made her teachers advise her to go into acting or singing, but she preferred to focus on her academics.

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Caroline Boyer And Luke Bryan Dating History And Marriage Details

They both met in a bar while in college in Statesboro, Georgia, and became friends. Soon, they began to date. At some point, they broke up and stayed away from each other for over 5 years before they ran into each other again. Caroline invited Luke to a Christmas party in her home. Luke showed up, and they hit it off from there.

Luke fell in love with Caroline the moment he set eyes on her. He found her blue eyes almost irresistible. According to Caroline, Luke is a shy guy and was nervous with women. So, she had to make the first moves several times. For instance, she was the first to kiss Luke when they started dating.

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However, there’s a funny twist in their love story. It took Luke only 8 seconds to decide that Caroline would be his wife, but it took Caroline about 8 years to make up her mind on pitching her marital tent with Luke.

One day, Luke invited Caroline to check out his new house. And when they got there, he put her on a blindfold before leading her out of the car. By the time she removed the blindfold, Mr. Bryan was down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand. It was a proposal! Caroline could not believe it. She never saw it coming.

They eventually got married on December 8, 2006, and headed to the Colorado Mountains for their honeymoon. So far, the marriage has produced 2 sons – Thomas and Tatum.

In 2017, Caroline Boyer received a Christmas gift that she’ll never forget. If we give you 5 guessing attempts, you’d still not guess the gift right. She got 2 baby kangaroos from Luke Bryan.

Caroline Boyer Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

She was born on December 31, 1979. She was born in Georgia, United States. So, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Oh, we almost forgot. Have we told you that she’s a vegetarian? Now you know. Her parents are Raymond and Yvonne Boyer. She loves to cook Italian dishes, and she never jokes about fitness activities.

Her mom worked in an insurance company while her dad was a social specialist. She graduated from Georgia Southern University. She joined the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Club in college. She enjoyed fishing and hunting with her kids and husband. One more thing – she recently quit smoking and drinking.

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Fun Facts About Caroline Boyer

  • Caroline Boyer kissed Luke first because Luke is shy.
  • Caroline tattooed the first initial of her husband’s name ‘L’ on her ring finger.
  • Luke also tattooed her wife’s initials on his bottom!
  • Irrespective of Luke’s hectic schedule, the couple enjoys their coffee together every morning.
  • Caroline likes to have foot massage before going to bed every day, and Luke gives her the massage.
  • She claims that Luke is the messiest of all the boys. His kids aren’t that messy.
  • Luke loves fishing and spends a lot on fishing gear.
  • Caroline does not care to know how much her husband spends on his pastime.
  • Caroline once messed up one of her gowns with barbecue sauce in a game called “Trash the dress”.
  • The college lovebirds broke up with each other for over 5 years. They reconnected when Caroline invited Luke for a Christmas party.
  • Caroline does not accompany her husband to deer stands, but you’ll definitely find them chilling together on a boat!

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