Why Did Beth Smith Chapman Die? Know Her Net Worth, Age And Husband At Death

When you hear the name Beth Smith, what should first strike your mind is Dog: The Bounty Hunter, a 2003 American Television series. That’s because she played a prominent role in the show. Beth Smith Chapman, whose birth name is Alice Elizabeth Smith, is a TV producer and an actress who has cut an international niche for herself.

Her net worth confirms the success of her career. She’s admired for her passion and uniqueness. Over the years, Beth Chapman also produced a couple of other reality TV series like Dog and Beth: On the Hunt and Dog: The Family Speaks between 2003 and 2013.

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Beth Smith Chapman Marriage Details

Beth’s father is Garry Smith, a Kansas City Athletics baseball player. She was born October 29, 1969, but she died of lung cancer on June 26, 2019. She died a few months to her 50th birthday.
Only very few people are aware that Beth was once a singer. In fact, she began her career as a singer in a nightclub. Also, she worked as a gymnast, an ice skater, a clerk, and a waitress.

She was married to Duane Chapman, a co-star in the TV reality series mentioned above. They got married in 2006, and the union has produced two beautiful kids – Garry Chapman and Bonnie Joanne Chapman. However, her marriage to Duane Chapman is her second marriage.

Beth’s first marriage was to Keith A. Barmore. It took place in 1991, but it didn’t work out for long. Nevertheless, it produced a daughter – Cecily Barmore. She was eventually adopted by Duane Chapman. Before Cecily, Beth had a son when she was a teenager. He’s Dominic Smith.

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On the other hand, Beth is Duane Chapman’s second wife. His ex-wife is La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, the woman who had two sons for him. They are Leland Chapman and Duane Lee Chapman II.

Beth Smith Chapman Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Beth Smith dabbled into several professions before she got her big break in Hollywood. Right now, she’s one of the most famous female American celebrities. She made a killing from her roles in her reality TV shows, and that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that her net worth is estimated to be around $2 – $3 million dollars as at 2019.

It is important to also mention that Beth Smith Chapman had some challenges too. Her career wasn’t a smooth rollercoaster. In 2015, a $30 million-dollar lawsuit was slammed on her and Duane Chapman. The plaintiff claimed that her TV shows have ruined his life. The litigation ran for a while before it fizzled out.

Beth Smith Chapman Body Measurements

Before Mrs. Beth Smith Chapman passed away on June 26, 2019, she weighed 82 Kg/180 Pounds, and her height was 5 feet 6 inches. She was fat and curvy before she was diagnosed with lung cancer, a medical condition that eventually caused her demise.

At some point in her life, she engaged in some sports activities, cardiovascular exercises, and a weight loss diet. That was how she was able to keep her weight in check before cancer knocked her out. Due to her dramatic weight loss, rumors were going around that she must have undergone a surgery, the speculation she later declared as false.

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