Why Did Dave Turin Leave Gold Rush And What Happened To Him? Know His Net Worth

A personality who completed 7 years in the reality TV show, Gold rush airs in Discovery channel. He is now 58 years old, quit the show in March, last year. This veteran actor who has developed a huge fan base is none other than Dave Turin.

Why Did Dave Turin Leave Gold Rush?

Fans were wondering where their favourite miner, Dave could be after they observed his absence in the 7th season of Gold Rush. Well, here they could get some answers.

A conflict rose between Dave and his fellow cast in the show. He had a fist fight too with him. Apparently, the arrow of doubt is towards a fellow cast member, Trey Poulson. They went on to the extent of fighting publicly. However, the reason is not clear. Nonetheless, Dave blamed Trey for the brawl. He posted about cutting all ties with Trey on social media as he could not solve the issues between them.

What Is The Name Of Dave Turin New Show?

Since, Dave already had developed a huge fan base for himself during the tenure of 7 years in Gold Rush, the fans wanted him to come back on the screen. Love from his fans brought him back, but he is not back on Gold Rush. He appears in his own show with a different crew. His show can be watched on YouTube. His video showed him mining gold in an undesignated place. He seems happy doing so.

Will Dave Turin Get Back To Gold Rush?

There are speculations about Dave getting back on Gold Rush. He has hinted on the same by posting about getting back on the show. So, he is looking forward to feature in it. Also, he has hinted through a Facebook post that he is discussing with some producers for his television show.

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