Wicked Tuna Boats, Their Captains And Season Winners

Wicked tuna is a reality television show and that is about the fisherman of tuna who are in Gloucerster Massachusetts. The fishermen are making a good amount of money in this line of business and fishing the Atlantic Bluefin tuna that can be found in Northern Atlantic Ocean. This tv series was aired by national geographic channel on 1st April, 2012. This show all about the fishermen history and the issues of finding and breeding quality bluefin tuna. Howard T. Owens say that this is the most loved series on the channel and the series completed its 7th season in 2018, know more about the seasons below.

Wicked Boats, Crew And Their Captains


The captain of wicked tuna FV-tuna.com is Daye Carraro and this boat is the most hated boats and it is hated by everyone. It was made in 2003 and it has 38 feet long sheer Duffy and the boat is painted black and that is why it was called the black boats at that time and every fisherman and person in Massachusetts knows about this boat.

It is hated because of the captain and this boat brings the largest tunas on the shores and it makes the other boat owners jealous. There is another reason to hate this boat because the captain gives wrong directions to the vessel and everyone goes to the wrong direction and they don’t get any tuna at all. And some say that the boat painted black attracts fish somehow as well.

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This boat is 36 feet and 8 inches long, was built-in 1984 which means that it is of a lot of age and it has spent a lot of time at the sea. The main source of this boat’s income is fishing. This is not a very glamorous boat but it has hired some of the best captains named as Dave Marciano.

Pin wheel.

The pin wheel is another boat that is from Rye, New Hampshire. The captain of this ship is the youngest sailor at the sea and his name is Tyler McLaughlin and this boat is called the fish killing machine. The boats name was derived by Tyler because of the hook that grabs the tuna.

The hot tuna

This is known as the biggest boat in the fleet and it has made a lot of money by fishing and it is from New England. The captain has an eye to find the fish and gets them onboard by lines Captain TJ Ott has done a lot of the hot tuna.

The wicked Pissah

This is a custom-made boat that is 30 feet and it is owned by Captain Paul and so far, the boat has been 40 years at the sea.

The fish hawk

This is the newest boat in the wicked tuna fleet and the captain of this boat is Brad Krasowski who was the former first mate of the wicked Pissah.

Former boats of wicked tuna

The bounty hunter

This is the cleanest and the luxurious boat because it has the feeling of a home and has great food as well but when it comes to fishing tuna, it does not matter, what matters is the size of the tuna and how many hooks and if it does not make money then the owner has to sell the boat and the captain is Bill Monte.

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The Odysea

This is the smallest boats in the fleet and the captain of this boat is Ralph Wilkins and he says that the size of the boat does not matter instead what matters is that you must have the right directions of where the fish his and he is friends with Bill Monte who work together and they say that it has been very beneficial working together.

The Lily

This is said to be one of the best harpoon boats that is lead by Bill Muniz and has been given a nickname as Hollywood. The fishing method is very unique, they hunt with old ways with a modern twist. This boat has a spotter plan that is used to follow the schools of tuna and it carefully sees the position to get all the tuna in a single go. This is a very technical way of hunting for tuna and it is only done when the tuna are migrating from Canada waters and that usually happens in June to mid of July. The pressure of this boat is more as compared to other boats due to the time frame.
There are two captains of this boat Herbert and first mate Bruce Hebert. Paul has joined Lisa and Jake served on the boat of FV-tuna.com until his friend captain Dave fired him. Paul did a great job in small period of time and has made a lot of respect among the peers.


Both the captains are first mates named as Grebe Gibbs and Greg Chorebanian who have done good catches of tuna and their aim is to silent the captain Hollywood of Lily.

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The Erin and Sarah

The captain is Pete Speeches who has a lot of stories about his fishing adventures.

Kelly Ann

The captain is Paul and he has a new crew and a new boat and the crew wants to prove themselves with the fleet.

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