Yamiche Alcindor Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Yamiche Alcindor is an American journalist and reporter who has covered various events and issues across many fields of human endeavors from social justice to politics.

She works as a White House Correspondent for PBS NewsHour since 2018. She reports and analyzes policies from the White House.

In 2013, Yamiche was awarded the title of “Emerging Journalist of the Year” by the National Association of Black Journalists.

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Yamiche Alcindor Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Yamiche was born Yamiche Léone Alcindor on 11th January 1986. Her parents, immigrants from Haiti, met while studying at Boston College. Yamiche grew up in Miami where her parents later moved to.

Yamiche Alcindor Education Details

In 2009, the PBS reporter graduated from Georgetown University, Washington with a degree in Arts and African American Studies.

Yamiche Alcindor Career And Net Worth

While still in school, Yamiche began her career in journalism as a news intern in major news publications like The Washington Times The Miami Herald, and The Seattle Times While in these news organizations, she wrote on various national and international issues like racial violence in America, Haiti, health issues confronting average Americans, as well as cultural differences between African nations and America.

In 2018, Yamiche’s career peaked at a new height when she became the White House Correspondent for PBS NewsHour on a considerable salary of over $100,000 a year. This elevation in salary and status came with their challenges and exposures.

Yamiche Alcindor Interrupted By President Donald Trump

On the first week of November 2018, the reporter was interrupted by President Donald Trump during a press briefing in the White House while asking him a question.

Yamiche questioned the President on the possibility of Republican figures like him encouraging white nationalists. Trump interrupted by calling her question “racist” and decided not to answer her questions any further.

After the event, her co-journalists backed Yamiche up claiming that she had no racist intentions at all and even criticized Trump for acting unprofessionally.

As an African-American, she wrote in the past about the impact of President Trump’s policies on the African-American community and people of color in the US.

Yamiche Alcindor Dating History And Marriage Details With Kids

Yamiche is married to Nathaniel Cline, a Virginia-based journalist. The couple began dating in 2014 and eventually married in a wedding ceremony held on 3rd March 2018. The bride and groom were immaculately dressed in all-white apparel for the wedding.

Yamiche doesn’t let her job come between her and her married life. The PBS journalist and her husband haven’t gotten any public marital issues as of today.

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