Zendaya Coleman Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Siblings, Parents

Zendaya Marie stoermer Coleman as her complete name goes is a very popular entertainment industry artist and acted in many shows as the main lead artist. This article comprises of zendaya’s life and her siblings. Zendaya has a big list of siblings and their names are as follows Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman and Austin Stoermer Coleman

Zendaya Coleman Bio: Age, Early Life, Siblings, Parents

Zendaya was born in Oakland, California on 1st September,1996. Zendaya was born to a mixed descent parents named mother Claire Marie and father Samuel David Colemam. Zendaya came from a mix family consisting of African and German descents. Her father Samuel comes from an African-American family and her mother Claire comes from a German-American descent.

Zendaya’s father changed his name to Kazambe Ajamu from Samuel as a remembrance to his descent. The family has six kids and parents. She is very defensive about her family and has always proved her attachment to her family. She was recently seen defending her parents on a twitter on a post when someone called them ‘ugly’, and yet her response was commendable and would have made them proud of her.

Zendaya Stoermer Coleman Career Details

Zendaya started her career back in 2009 with a modeling assignment and it was for ‘old navy’ and seeing her talent, most of us were sure about her making big into the entertainment industry with flying colors and proving everyone correct she has done it. Within one year of her debut, Zendaya starred the lead role in the show ‘shake it up’ in 2010 and this brought her to the spotlights and things just kept moving and kept on getting better for her.

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She has worked in on top rated films like, ‘Spider-man Homecoming’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ which were released and did good business in 2017.

This cute and sexy youngster who is heart throb of many has also been proving her metal in professional singing and has also released many single albums which charted on the top, these albums were particularly precious for every die-hard Zendaya fan! But what’s amazing and surprising about Zendaya is the fact that she is barely out of her teens, but still doing great enough to impress almost everyone’s this age and unlike our expectations, she is still single! A good news for those who might consider to hit on her and this thing would have bought a shine in your eyes.

Zendaya Coleman Sisters And Brothers

Zendaya has five siblings three sisters and two brothers.

The name of the sisters are katiana Stoermer, Annabella, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

Katiana Stoermer Coleman has resemblance to her sister Zendaya a bit and has perfect jet black hair. She shares very good relation and understanding with her sister zendaya and been living with her sister in Los Angeles, California and surprisingly she is single too! But what’s surprising for many of us is the fact that Zendaya is never seen in a photograph with Katianna and this gives rise to the question about how well are the sisters going? But nevertheless we do know that Zendaya is very specific about what she posts and generally keeps her relation limited to media attention by never speaking much about her siblings, and so chances are, it’s just one of those weird coincidences which has raised our eyebrows in suspicion. But we have firm belief how much she loves her siblings.

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Zendaya has two more sisters named Annabella and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. Although Kaylee resembles Zendaya the most, it has been Annabella who’s been the center of attraction for some time and has been spotted together with zendaya at times. Annabella has been spotted with Zendaya in a photo shoot wearing same color clothing and put-ons and to the confirmation it’s not the only time. We have seen the two together on several occasions as well! Despite this, we know that Zendaya has special love for all her sisters a lot. Kaylee resembles Zendaya the most as she also has resemblance in hair to her sister. Further to add to the secret information all her sisters are single like Zendaya, or maybe that’s what we know, after all, they are always too careful about what goes out to the public and so they want to keep it limited avoiding rumors and talks to do rounds.

Zendaya has two brothers named Austin and Julien Stormer Coleman. They both are more genetically strong towards their mother and are white in complexion.

Austin is elder to Julien, he is the one at times seen with Zendaya in her photo shoot and even accompanies her backstage during her singing performances. Austin is particularly keen on being presentable through his looks and is very well updated with the fashion world.

Julien, on the other hand is the one who maintains a low profile and is rarely seen with Zendaya and only has a few photos made public in which he has been clicked with her beloved sister but that too runs old in past, when our sexy young Zendaya was into her teens, and no recent photos can be found.

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Although Zendaya is very keen not to let out any information about her family at all and keeps them away from media paparazzi, we can say this for sure that she gets on with her brothers pretty well! Of all we know about our young superstar, one thing is for sure, The Colemans share a strong family bond and they all love each other a lot and likewise we wish our Zendaya a happy and successful life ahead and hope she would someday sooner find the prince of her dreams who would make a perfect couple with her and we will have another hot topic to discuss!

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